15 ideas to make your small home look bigger

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Making of small home look beautiful is often considered to be a difficult task. But if you plan the layout well then there is no limitation to how amazing a house can look. To give you an idea of how you can make a small space look beautiful and well organised here are 15 pictures that we have put together.

1. Single wall kitchen

It is not important that you should always have a large kitchen. This single wall kitchen layout is also perfect for preparing meals on a daily basis and making it as compact as possible.

2. Small living room

If you do not have a large living space in your home then placing a single sofa on the longest wall is also an ideal choice.

3. Corner living room

Another way to set up a beautiful looking living room in a small house is by using the corner layout. This will increase the number of sofas that you can put in the room.

4. Office desk

Creating a sleek looking office desk in a narrow space is also highly recommended if you like to work from home. This will give you enough space to store all your office essentials and also work comfortably.

5. Wall hooks

Installing similar looking wall hooks in your home will allow you to hang your coats, umbrella, and handbags without taking but much space in the cupboard.

6. Multilevel shelves

Instead of creating a single row of shelves try creating multi level like seen in the picture as it will give you maximum storage and will also make the place look amazing.

7. Entertainment unit partition

For those of you who are looking to partition a room the best way to do it is by placing a cupboard or entertainment unit in between. This will also make the space multi functional.

8. Pull out bed

Creating a similar looking pull out bed in the spare room is ideal to accommodate a guest during a sleepover.

9. Elevated bed

If you do not want to waste floor space than creating an elevated bed like seen in the picture is also a great idea. You can use the lower part of the bed as a storage unit which makes it fully functional.

10. In-build racks

One should never leave a wall empty instead creating these inbuilt racks is a great way to store your books and curious without adding excess storage units in the house.

11. Side by side layout

For a long narrow space creating a side by side layout like this is also an ideal choice. You can separate the two areas by opting for a shifting door which will give you the privacy that you need.

12. Bunk beds

If you have teenage boys or girls and are looking to accommodate all of them in one room then these bunk beds are an excellent solution. The lower part of the bed can also be used as personalised desk space.

13. Study corner

To creating a study corner for your kid the best way is to install multiple shelves above the study table. This will give your kid enough space to store all his school supply.

14. Kids room

High rise beds are not just for adults. Instead you can also created them in your kids room to use the floor area for other important fixtures. The design of this room has installed a study table, a bookshelf, and storage unit in the same space to maximise the output.

15. Dining table

Similar looking pull out dining tables are ideal for small kitchens where you do not have enough floor area. The best part about these tables is that they can be removed once your meal is over.

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