15 beautiful and durable metal doors for your home

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We might think that designing a perfect house is all about the architecture and interiors. But one of the most important thing that makes an impression on your guest is the entrance door. Apart from looking beautiful a door also needs to be durable so that it can provide you with an additional layer of security. The best materials to use while you are trying to make a durable door is metal or iron. 

  To give you an idea of all the designs that you can incorporate in your entrance door here are 15 pictures.

1. Iron grill doors

One of the best ways to make your doors look designer is by incorporating metal grills to the gate. These grills can be customised to achieve your preferred design.

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2. Container doors

If you want to incorporate a unique design in your entrance door then using container doors like these can also be a great idea. They are one of the most long lasting doors that you can ever get.

3. Metal and glass door

Another amazing looking design that you can use for your home is this metal and glass combination. You can use different shape glass panels to customise the design.

4. Thin metal frame door

If you only want to provide structural stability then using a metal frame is enough for your entrance door. You can combine it with any material like glass, wood and even fiber panel.

5. Metal and mirror door

This metal and mirror combination is also an ideal choice if you want your entrance door to make a statement.

6. Solid iron door

If you are looking for complete privacy then this solid iron door is something that you must incorporate in your house.

7. Single panel metal door

For those of you who have a narrow entrance opting for a similar looking single panel metal door is a great choice to save space and achieve durability.

8. Iron bar door

If you do not want to interfere with the natural light source then these iron bar doors can also be worth a shot.

9. Thick frame metal door

If you have a large entrance than opting for a thick frame metal door like seen in the picture is highly recommended. This will give you the stability that you are looking for and will also not hinder with the rest of the decor.

10. Central metal door

By placing glass panels on either side of the door you can achieve a beautiful looking entrance gate that too without compromising on the security of your home.

11. Shifting metal bar door

The designer of this room has used shifting metal bar gate so that it does not stand out from the rest of the decor and also give it a semi private feel.

12. Embossed metal door

Incorporating designs into metal doors is also very easy. The designer for this gate has used straight lines to give it a rustic wooden look.

13. Sliding iron door

A full size sliding iron door can also be a great alternative if you are looking to save space without compromising on the durability of the material.

14. Polished metal door

If you do not want your metal door to stand out and look chunky then using black colour polish is something that you can consider. It will help the door blend in with the surrounding.

15. Dual metal door

Combining two types of metal together will not only make your door look amazing but will also make it more sturdy. The designer has used iron and steel combination to give it a dual tone effect.

Which one of these metal doors was your favourite?

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