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How to decorate bedrooms

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The  bedroom is one of the most intimate living spaces of a house, a place that should reflect your personality and allow you to get the rest and relaxation that you need. It’s where you are when the day begins and ends, and when its decoration is right, it can be a true sanctuary for peace and relaxation.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bedroom, or you are buying a house and want to give your bedroom room a unique look, we will give you all the tips you need to achieve it. Start by being aware of what you like and get inspired to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Add colour

Sometimes, we hesitate to use bright colours in the decoration and limit ourselves to sober tones like beige or white, but a touch of yellow, red or a green wall can give a totally different twist to the bedroom. Yellow elements, like in this example, can bring more energy to the room, encouraging us to get up and prepare for the day ahead.

Which style is for you?

If you aren’t clear about the style you want or desire, homify presents the solution to your problems. In the pages on the site, you’ll find thousands of bedroom photos that will inspire you and guide you towards picking your preferred style. Here are some examples.

If you are attracted to clean and tidy spaces with light colours such as gray, white or beige, you are likely to be fond of minimalist decor or the Scandinavian style. The key to a minimalist bedroom is to have little furniture, but loving what you have. Use soft colours that will make the space look bright and perfect for resting.

Alternatively, if you dream of going to bed looking at wooden beams or like to see the countryside and nature outside your window, it is possible that your style is rustic or country. Natural materials such as stone or wood and a sense of comfort mark these spaces. It is a good style to decorate your bedroom if you are looking for a place to relax in the most natural ambiance.

On the other hand, if you like bricks, exposed pipes and lofts (like in New York), your style is industrial. It’s a very good look if you prefer more urban and masculine decor. 

Remember that it is not essential to marry everything to a single theme. You can steal ideas from several styles and use them in a combination of your choice, or look for some inspiration completely out of the box, like in these  extraordinary rooms.

Choose an era

Another way to choose a style of design and decoration is to opt for a period. For example, Mexico in the 1960s or let's say Acapulco in its golden years. Look for movies and pictures of those times to give you some ideas, and then use your own imagination to bring it more in line with the present.

If you love to mix pieces, modern decor includes pieces from any era of the twentieth century so you mix furniture from the 50s, 70s or even more recent times, until you find the perfect balance of sophistication and boldness.

If you dream of the classic period, whether it’s colonial or European, it can be a great inspiration for a super-romantic bedroom with four-poster bed and a castle-like ambience. You can also mix styles, using vintage furniture with modern accessories or very contemporary bedroom décor with chandeliers from older times.

Get more inspiration for colonial style bedrooms.

Add your personal style

Beyond styles and eras, your bedroom should reflect your personality and individual style. This is achieved by carefully choosing each piece of furniture and accessories. Add details that make you smile and remember the good times. Include pictures that you like, make a wall with memories of your travels, add a shelf to place souvenirs or books. Make the space yours by giving meaning to every corner.

This can also be achieved by choosing colours and motifs that make you happy and go beyond just replicating the current trends. We love the vibrant blue with the floral print bedding in this image, and a few sculptures on the wall that make you smile.

Think about the things you like in your bedroom. If you are one of those who sleeps twelve hours straight, invest in luxurious and high-quality bedding. If you are always planning a trip, incorporate every memory in the vicinity. If you love crafts, visit the markets in search of special pieces like sculptures or blankets with unique finishes.

Mix textures

It is always good to create designs that are surprising and eye-catching. Textures in different elements such as the floor, the finish of the walls and even the shape of the bed can serve to present unexpected contrasts. In this bedroom, a discreet romantic look is achieved perfectly thanks to a colour palette that carries through the room but with small changes – flowers on the wall, stripes on the pillow and two red lamps for a fun contrast.

One can also experiment with unexpected textures like a green wall in a room of neutral colours. It is good to have some different element that makes your bedroom a unique space.

Textural contrast can also be achieved through art. There’s nothing better than a beautiful painting to bring the necessary texture to the room and to inspire the rest of the decor with a truly amazing palette.

A colourful wall can give an interesting twist to the bedroom and is one of the most inexpensive ways to make it look new. It’s a great idea to choose a painting that you like and use its colours to decide on the palette of the rest of the accessories and details of the room.

Read this article for tips on using colour in your home.

Paintings and vinyl for a special touch

What we hang on the walls says a lot about us—what we like, what we aspire for, our dreams, etc. In this case, a bedroom that is reminiscent of the beach, relaxes one immediately.

Art is the most personal expression of our tastes, and it is not necessary to spend a fortune to have it in our homes. Choose pieces that you like. Look for local designers, or frame postcards of some of your favorite paintings. You can even frame pieces of fabric with a pattern you like.

Vinyl is another modern option for decorating your walls. They are very simple to apply, cheap and can be replaced as often as you require. What’s better than having a quote or phrase to inspire you as soon as you wake up, or before you close your eyes at night?!

Expert décor advice

You’ll find the best professionals on homify, whether you are looking for well-written articles to inspire you, architects to make your home perfect, or  interior decorators who will bring your ideas to life to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Which of these styles will you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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