14 ideas to use stone in your modern bathrooms

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The most striking feature of modern bathrooms today is that exude luxury, even if built on a tight budget, thanks to the availability and wide variety of natural or synthetic materials in a number of colors, textures and designs.

And who can deny that when you have a modern bathroom, it is a luxury that allows you a positive and exciting experience.

So, do not waste time, give your outdated bathroom a modern twist with stones! no

1. Uniform stone and an elegant touch

We have seen the use of stones of medium to large size that gives shape and solidity to your walls. Now, let us see the use of uniform stones that are rectangular, small and coupled. This gives your bathroom a defined and elegant look.

2. Let the natural stone shown

While many may think stone in its natural form looks crude or ghastly. It is quite the contrary. For example, in this picture there is the use of stones in its natural form looks splendid and magnificent. It looks more than just a randomized cluster and gives your bathroom a refined look.

3. Stone Slabs

Use stone slabs to your benefit to give your bathroom a fabulous look. The slabs will fit in seamlessly and give your room a sophisticated and original appeal.

4. A rustic bathroom with a modern twist

Cover the wall by the sink with stones. Just this one small portion covered with stone will give it a washed look. Your bathroom will look spic and span and elegant.

5. Stone or bath?

What if we say you can give your bathroom an original look by using a large stone bath? The result is rustic, pleasing to the eyes, and original. Do away with your bath tub and replace it with a large stone bath. You can also add a layer of stone on one of the walls to give it a more fab look.

6. Do not hesitate: Add stones to your bathroom floor

The floor of your bathroom is a good place to include some stone. If you aren’t sure how to go about adding the stone element in your bathroom, simply try the idea in our example. Throw in a round bathtub, and line its circumference with tiny smooth pebbles. The result is out of the world!

7. Thin strips of stone for a perfect finish

Natural stone cladding combined with white colour gives your bathroom a clean and spotless finish. This is because the contrast of white against the stone is subtle and renders the room an air of sophistication.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

8. White stone for a warm and elegant effect

This elegant design is not just fabulous to look and but also is resistant to moisture. And, what’s more? White gives the bathroom a very calming yet elegant and warm feel. A bathroom to die for!

9. A spacious and elegant bathroom with a quiet air

You can achieve a spacious and elegant bathroom by using just stone as the key element. You can choose from a variety of colours, designs, and shapes that have a subtle texture and neutral tone to decorate your room without reducing the space in the room.

10. Stone as a contour

Using stone as the raw material for your walls, whether external or internal, is a fabulous idea you will not regret. It provides strength, their presence is striking and will not go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone. Even if in doubt, do not think twice to use stone on your walls. It will blend in seamlessly with the furniture and accessories and add to the oomph factor of your room.

11. A coating with a natural appearance

If you think layering your bathroom is cumbersome, you can opt for polyester resin reinforced with fibre glass. This results in textured panels that have the appearance of stone. This is a good trick to give your room a rustic feel without high investments.

12. The three-dimensionality of the stone

A three-dimensional effect can be achieved using stones. You can create ripples using the stone’s texture that gives the bathroom a very classic finish. Contact an interior designer to incorporate this 3-D effect in your bathroom.

13. Use dark stone

Whoever, said you should only go in for white stones. Modern styles also involve designs with black hues that though not vibrant is very elegant and sophisticated. If you want a bathroom that is avant-garde, black is your colour!

14. The modern bathroom in a rustic setting?

A fusion of styles always brings out better results. So, far we have shown how stone can consolidate a modern style. In this beautiful and latest design we denote something a lot more rustic. Stone if the key element here and gives the bathroom a superior look!

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