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15 pictures of staircases for Indian homes

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Staircases are one area to target if you are looking to ramp the overall look of your home. To do so, you have to begin with picking out the right elements to create a haven within your home. A number of elements such as the types of staircases, staircase designs, staircase details, and so on are to be considered. 

If you find that the tap of ideas has run dry, then this post is exactly what you need. Watch how these simple solutions at homify transform your home into an extraordinary work of art. 

1. A staircase of royal stature

The intricacies that have gone into the making this modern staircase design make it visually stunning. Simplistic elements, when combined can work wonders, and this staircase is a testament to just that! Chestnut hued stairs, when teamed up with the curved iron railings make for the perfect pairing.   

​2. A staircase with a modern twist on railings

Horizontal railings are passe’, or so it would seem with this lovely staircase in the limelight. Vertical railings run all the way from the bottom to the top creating the image of a cube. This wooden staircase design when teamed up with wooden flooring and white railings are the perfect combination. 

​3. A staircase of metallic grandeur

Rectangular metallic framework comes into play with this staircase. Topped off with of course, the quintessential wooden staircase railing design. The key lies in the minimalist elements that collectively contribute towards the beauty of the design. 

​4. A staircase showcasing the best of all worlds

Perfected metallic steps running against a wooden background make for quite the sight. Take into account the glass sides with the metallic staircase handrails before you realize that you are in the midst of a winner.

​5. A staircase of plain old wood

It’s one thing to create a mishmash of all the elements known to you and quite another to stick to a single element. This wooden staircase is an exemplification to the latter idea, adding a unique touch of minimalism to the entirety of the room.

​6. The simple Simon staircase!

This staircase belongs to the elite group of sophisticated staircase models. Exuding grace in the most subtle of all ways is this steel staircase which is lighted along the staircase railing. A closer look at the simplicity of it makes it stand out as it runs from the bottom to the top.

​7. Prehistoric staircase perhaps?

This staircase, wooden in all it’s demeanor is the highlight of the room. The wooden ensemble falls to the ground with utmost grace making it truly a masterpiece. Also, to be noted is the staircase railing design which is simply majestic. 

8. Say it with a grille staircase

The choice of colors has quite the game to play when it comes to staircases. This steel staircase design works particularly well because because of the play on brown and black hues. If less really is more, then this is a testament to that, wouldn't you say?  

9. Classic staircase is the way to go!

Of the many staircase ideas, is this one which is simply beautiful. Sticking to simplistic approaches has its own set of perks, as this next staircase demonstrates. Wooden railings, coupled with latitudinal rods make this staircase a hit. 

10. A metal and wood staircase

Wood steps upheld by a wooden framework works for just about any house. Team that with white railings and you are in the presence of an indomitable duo.The staircase wall design sticks to a plain white backdrop which complements the staircase all too well.  

11. Less is more

Beneath the bracket of staircase design for small spaces, lies this one. Ever thought that a simplistic stairway such as this would turn out to be the marvel that it is? A wooden flight of stairs accompanied by black metallic railings makes for the perfect setting. Who would have thought? 

12. A circular staircase

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This next one is for the curvy paths or spiral staircases. The end of the stairway is marked by a curved railing that adds a touch of grace to the ensemble on the whole. This staircase model picks tiles for staircase which match the railing all too well! 

13. A staircase of elegance

The art work along the sides of the railings speaks for itself. While picking your staircase, ensure that you stick to colors that work together, much like the one chosen in this picture. The staircase railing design when teamed up with the staircase wall design make quite the pair. 

14. An elongated staircase

Longer staircases make more room for experimentation as is the case with the preceding picture. It works extremely well as the colors and elements coalesce, creating a masterpiece. The staircase drawing simply completes the picture by color coding with the staircase design. 

15. A staircase with natural elements

A walk in the woods becomes a reality with this staircase. Graceful elements have been chosen to recreate the quintessential walk in the woods. 

You are spoiled for choice with an array as wide as this to choose from. Get started right away and let these ideas take a life of their own in your home. 

Look out for this ideabook if you're still in need for more. 

Which one did you like the best? Leave us your comments.

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