7 ways to beat the heat this summer

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In India, summers are here to stay. When temperatures soar to 40 degree and above, the effects of heat isn’t confined to just bodily discomfort. It shows its effects on moods and minds too. Extreme heat makes us irritable, grouchy, aggressive and sometimes depressed too. We cannot control the weather outside. But we can surely control the inside environment and make our home summer ready. All you need is to bring some changes inside to beat the heat.

We, the homify professionals have come up with 7 fresh ideas just for you and your home. Get inspired! It will help you to find the best ways to get rid of heat this summer.

Trick your mind

Select a soothing color for the interiors and change the sofa covers, cushions, curtains and walls with it, and feel the difference! Hang a huge painting of water, mountains, glaciers, snows or waterfall on the wall. The soothing summer color and cool imagery will trick your mind. It will send signals to your body to cool down and enjoy the surroundings.

​A pleasant evening

A proper lighting in the evening can make lots of difference. Bright lights are quite irritating during the summers. Subdued, diffused and gentle lights will calm the mind and set the mood for a pleasant evening.

Nurture your plants

Try some gardening in the morning or evening. It is therapeutic. The water you spray in the plants will also help bring down the temperature in your courtyard or terrace.

​Setting the mood

Nothing can beat the heat better than a cool bath. Cool marble flooring, mood lightings, a beautiful bath-tub and floral petals floating in it, it is romantic. Soak peacefully in cool water and enjoy the moment in that sultry environment. It will surely cool you down.

​Blinding the lights

Block the daytime lights properly with right curtains and blinds. Invest judiciously in them. It will help in keeping the home cool when the sun is blazing outside.

​Flowing with the breeze

Go for a minimalist décor during summers. It’s a boon. A clutter-free clean interior will allow the free flow of air and keep the mind and environment cool even when the temperature is rising outside.

​Cool the environment

Bring home a fountain and cool the environment. Flowing water makes lot of difference. Keep it outside under the sun, in your terrace or in some corner of your house, the music generated from its flow is sufficient to bring the heat down.

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Did you get some respite from this cool ideas? We are waiting to know.

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