7 essentials to create a bathroom beneath the staircase

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The area beneath staircases is less exploited when compared to other areas of your home. This is precisely why it’s time to beckon a change. When a change comes knocking, we throw our doors wide open so as to soak in as much as we possibly can! Cabinets, drawers, bookshelves, and incidentally bathrooms too, can make their way over to the the area beneath your staircase in a jiffy. 

If you’re looking to make minor adjustments to your home so as to incorporate the aforementioned items, then, homify has just the thing for you.  Read on to find out how you can make do with the space available to you.

​1. Confined behind a door

If you fall short of options to do just that, then a screen should do the trick for you.

What if you could have your very own storage area right beneath your staircase? This idea makes just that happen. Keep in mind, however, that the door enclosing your belongings, shouldn’t open out into the dining or living room. 

​2. Tucked away in serenity

This idea works primarily because of the generic location of the staircase next to a wall. This means that windows will be at your disposition, to let in some light. Install a bathroom in the space under the staircase and you could create your haven right in the space beneath the staircase. Ideal isn’t it?

​3. Just another brick in the wall?

This idea builds up where the previous one left off. If you have a cozy bathroom tucked away under the staircase, then chances are, you need a lot of light. A nifty little trick that you can make the most of entails the following. Integrate light into your haven with the help of blocks of glass in some parts of the wall so as incorporate light. Do make sure that you install an extractor so as to rid yourself of those nasty bathroom odors.

​4. The quintessential shower

Shower’s tend to be unavoidable in a bathroom. This is exactly why you should accommodate the same in yours. Ensure, however that you don’t obstruct the pathway with this idea.

​5. Small is in

It’s no surprise that smaller spaces beckon smaller articles. When shopping, make sure that you buy petite articles to decorate your space. Smart, and efficient at the same time, this one’s a no brainer.

​6. Make way for more

Another trick that you can make the most of is this. Install a series of cabinets, by the side to store your essentials. Make a cabinet large enough to fit your washing machine. Everything else, can just fall into place!    

Here’s another one that makes the best use of the space available to you. Fitted for perfection.

​7. Color me red

Last, but definitely not the least, remember that colors can work wonders for your current state of mind. So, if you see your bathroom as a means to unwind at the end of the day, then pick colors that beckon peace and serenity.   

Worry no more about space constraints, because there’s a multitude of options just beneath that staircase of yours. For more ideas, refer to this ideabook. 

Do you have any ideas to add on to the list? Please share your thoughts below.

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