20 modern and sensational entrance doors

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Besides their practical function, entrance doors play a vital role in the design and decoration of a house. Thanks to the variety of materials, finishes, sizes and colors, it is possible to use a door to achieve the style that one wants to give to the house. 

A beautiful door with a stunning design can become the focal point of a facade, gently greeting those who approach it.

In this article, we will show you 20 modern ideas from professionals so you have a spectacular door.

​1. The importance of colour

The colour of the door should be in harmony with that of the facade, since it’s one of the most appealing points of interest outside the house. Grey is elegant, distinctive and allows a wide range of combinations.

2. Different textures in the finishes

The combination of materials in the finishes will enrich the composition of the entrance of the house. A stone wall accompanied by a wooden door will have the warmth and strength to make the entrance the center of attention.

3. The charm of glass

Facades composed of generous glazed surfaces have a light and avant-garde appearance. In this type of facade, the door is an important contrast. A black door will always be sophisticated.

4. Black with touches of aluminum

The decoration of the door will make all the difference in making it stand out from the rest of the facade. Black is an elegant color, and the metal touches lighten up the design.

5. The consensus: wood

Wooden doors are the most chosen, both for the interior and for the exterior. They isolate the cold, the heat and the noise. This example conveys a certain mystery given its depth and the combination with metals.

6. Wood and glass

Another combination that has no flaws, wood is warm and perfect for all styles. Combined with glass it will have greater lightness and luminosity, even inside the house.

7. A high element

Incorporating a glazed strip at the entrance of the house will highlight the dimensions and the various materials that make up the facade. The use of large windows is characteristic of modern design and is ideal for of those who like spaces full of light. Another advantage of glass is that it integrates the exterior landscape with the interior of the house.

8. On a small façade

For small facades, care must be taken when choosing coatings, colors and architectural lines, since the idea will always be to optimize the space. Wood is a good option for this purpose.

9. Play with lines

A large, light-wood door is more dynamic if you incorporate horizontal strips of glass that allow passage of light into the interior.

10. Marble and wood

This is another example in which stone, in this case marble, brings elegance and refinement to the dark wood door.

11. White highlight

White for the door is a minimalist and modern trend. To ensure that the outside does not look cold, you can incorporate a small front garden that introduces touches of color.

12. A door with metal and wood

Aluminum is an economic coating for doors. It is preferred for its quality, price and beauty. Combined with wood it translates into elegance and refinement.

13. Grey and metal

You can also choose grey to create a sober effect and emphasize the elegance of the entrance. The touches of metal will bring the brilliance you need for a sensational result. If you add good lighting too, the result will be stunning. Get inspired by this image!

14. With a majestic opening

To provide a more prominent entrance door, choose a pivoting opening system.

15. A colour highlight

A vibrant color or highlight will undoubtedly make the door the undisputed protagonist. This image is proof of that. The red, in combination with the stone, makes it distinct. A bright color will also stand out between white or neutral walls.

16. A very stylish apartment door

In an apartment, it is much more difficult to choose the style of the entrance door. However, you can give the desired finish to the inner face of the door. Here, we see a metallic door that is original and classy.

17. Another apartment door

The entrance door to your apartment does not have to lack style or modernity. Take a look at this image.

18. Aged appearance

The facade in rusty concrete gives a unique personality to the house, so the door cannot be left behind. With overlapping reliefs and imposing elements, this is a great idea for a modern or industrial style house.

19. The composition of the entrance

The elements that make up the entrance of the house help to complement the setting, so that the chosen door cannot be devoid of personality. This is a perfect example for small homes that need to display their best on the façade.

20. A door that makes us happy

As you have seen, there are many designs and finishes for an inviting entrance door. However, three factors must be considered: harmony with the rest of the house, appearance not out of context in relation to the neighboring buildings, and a design that suits your taste.

For more ideas for designing your home entrance, see this ideabook

Which of these doors would you choose for your home? Respond in the comments.

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