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20 tips to professionally organize your kitchen

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Have you always dreamed about building a professional looking kitchen? If so then you already know the most important part is keeping it well organised. This will not only give your kitchen the desired look but will also make it easy for you to work. To give you an idea of how you can professionally organize your homes kitchen here are 20 tips that you can use.

1. Cutlery drawer

The first tip is to keep your cutlery drawer next to the gas stove so that all the utility items are easily reachable.

2. Spice rack

Make a different section dedicated to your spices and condiments so that you know where to find everything.

3. Organizing categorically

Keep your drawers organised categorically which means store forks in one chamber, knifes in the other and spoons in a different one.

4. Below and above counter stogare

Always make sure that you have storage space both above and below the counter so that you can maximize the area.

5. Transparent cabinet doors

We all have cabinets in our kitchen and we should always have transparent doors so that we can see what is inside without opening.

6. Lights in the cabinets

Another tip is to install light fixtures in your cabinets and storage so that you do not have to search for things without seeing.

7. Corner drawer

All the dead corners of your kitchen must have corner drawers in order to use the space to the fullest.

8. Drawer organizer

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Never have a drawer that does not have an organiser within as it will make it difficult for you to find your utility items.

9. Different size drawers

When you have a chest of drawers as storage make sure that every unit is of different size so that you can store items as per their size.

10. Mini bar

Creating a mini bar in your kitchen is a great way to store all your party glassware and bar items.

11. Open shelves

Wherever you get space in the entire kitchen make sure that you install and open shelf as it would come handy in storing small items.

12. Kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the best investments that you can make as it can be used for eating meals and also a bar counter.

13. Drawer for essentials

Your day to day essentials like oil and pulses should be kept in a drawer near the preparation area so that they easily accessible.

14. Spice drawer

Most of us have spice boxes in our home but if you like to cook more often than dedicating an entire drawer for spices is an ideal choice.

15. Pull out cabinets

Installing pull out cabinets in the corner of your kitchen can also be a great way to store big utensils.

16. Concealed cabinets

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L&G Arquitectos

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If you do not want your kitchen to have different types of cabinets then opting for designer concealed cabinet something that you must try.

17. Built-in appliances

Another way to keep your kitchen well organised is by opting for built-in appliances as it will help you save floor space.

18. Modular cabinets

modern Kitchen by L&G Arquitectos
L&G Arquitectos

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L&G Arquitectos

Opting for modular kitchen cabinets can be a great choice if you want your kitchen to look modern.

19. Utensil storage

If you want to store your pots and pans in drawers then make sure that they are of a decent depth.

20. Vertical storage

You can also incorporate wall mounted utility racks to use the vertical space for storage and save the floor area.

For more such tips check out our ideabooks

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