25 beautiful and modern staircase ideas for your home

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Gone are the days when stairs were just a simple structure that joined one level of the home to the other. Now the new mantra is that if you have it, flaunt it. Modern Indians have developed an elegant aesthetic sense when it comes to designing their abode. They know that even the simple staircase is an integral part of their home. So why leave it untouched from their creativity?

Stairs have now become a piece of sculpture that plays a vital role in the interior design. We, the professionals of Homify are continuously working to come up with more creative ideas to make your home comfortable, beautiful and stylishly modern. Today we have come up with 25 amazing staircase designs that will definitely leave a powerful impact and give the interior a stylish personality. Have a look!

1. ​Naturally bright

The warmth of natural lighting is truly complimenting the wooden staircase. The steel and glass on the staircase has given a modern twist to it.

2. ​Hanging from above

The sturdy steel rope is holding this modern staircase for support and security, and obviously unmatched beauty.

3. ​Playing with glass and metal

The classic combination of glass railing with metal stairs looks modern and elegant.

4. ​Right in the middle

It will be a unique experience to move from one middle level to another in an elegantly crafted staircase. Won’t it be?

5. ​Purity in white

There is something pristine in white. Combine it with glass railing, it becomes elegant.

6. ​Matching the steps

Recessed lighting in the wall beside each of the hanging stair is a visual delight to watch and step in.

7. ​Lighting it right

Floating wooden steps with lights at regular interval is creating a mesmerizing subdued effect for perfect evening gossips.

8. ​Classic combination

You cannot go wrong with wood, glass and stones. The beautiful contrast of colour and texture looks modern, elegant and classic.

9. ​Beauty in simplicity

A simple elegant wooden staircase will perfectly blend with the modern decor of your home. Just remember… there is beauty in simplicity.

10. ​A garden beneath

Create a beautiful indoor garden just beneath the staircase. It will become the center of attraction of your home and a perfect hanging out place of your family.

11. Perfect lines

Modern designs are simple, elegant and clean. The perfect lines of this white and beige staircase are attractive and modern.

12. ​Metallic hue

The good old metal staircase never goes out of fashion. It is modern and forever young.

13. ​Perfect utilization of space

The unique design of this wooden staircase is beautiful. But what immediately grabs all the attention here are the books and decorative details beside the steps. It is a perfect use of space.

14. ​Functional is modern

Functional design can be modern, and this staircase is a perfect example of it. A beautiful office space below the stairs, isn’t it a great idea?

15. ​Totally white

A perfect white staircase in white surrounding! The monotony of white is beautifully broken with a splash of color in books. It’s a visual treat.

16. ​A piece of art

Nothing can compliment a beautiful spiral staircase better than an amazing piece of art. See it here to believe it.

17. Floating in the air

Floating wooden stairs will definitely make your home look modern and contemporary.

18. ​Keep it simple

A simple wooden floor extending up to become a staircase spreads warmth and adds elegance to the space.

19. ​Modern art work

MEDITERRÁNEA, Mob Mob Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Be creative, be bold and be modern. Make the staircase a piece of modern art adorning your home and be proud of it.

20. A beautiful sculpture

It is amazing! A beautiful sculptured staircase joining the the two levels. It will a walk up for everyone to remember.

21. Elegance in wood and glass

The turns and twist of this wooden and glass staircase is simply beautiful. The stone wall in the backdrop is a perfect compliment to it.

22. Walking in the space

Mysterious illumination of this hanging staircase is captivating.   

23. Nothing to hide

This total transparent staircase hides nothing behind. Isn't it? 

24. Modern structure

The shining steel looks strong, modern and impressive, but at the same time it has some fluidity in it that looks elegant.  

25. Way to creativity

A floating staircase crafted from metal is simple and creative design that will give a modern touch to your home.

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Which of these staircase designs is your favorite? We are waiting for your response.

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