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How should I distribute the space in my kitchen?

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The first point to consider in the efficient distribution of space in the kitchen is to be able to work comfortably and achieve the objective of cooking without stress. Another essential element is the design of the working triangle so that the stove, sink and refrigerator are within a short distance of one another, helping not only to save time, but also to provide for a work process that is developed based on logical movements during the task of cooking.

Carefully consider the storage areas so that the drawers provide the maximum space for organizing and storing. For this, you can have a mix of cabinet types – low, high, column type, semi-column, pantry and refrigerator. The dimension of accessories such as plates, microwave, oven and extractor hoods should also be estimated in order not to oversize these elements. It is important to think about: How many people live in the home? How much interest or skill they have for cooking? Do guests come frequently and in what numbers?

Lastly, read these recommendations to optimize the floor space available in the kitchen area.

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​1. In a ‘U’, for kitchens with a square layout

If the space is square, either large or medium, the best distribution of space will be with a U-shaped kitchen. With this distribution, everything would be close at hand and the working triangle could be placed to provide a closer reach between the stove, the sink and the refrigerator. Additionally, this distribution allows other people to work in the kitchen. An American-style bar in the border of the kitchen would open the area, and provide better movement within the area during cooking.

2. With an island, you gain space

If you have a large space, like this kitchen, you can create a central island to gain space to work, while simultaneously providing a place to eat. It should have free space of at least 90cm width around it to facilitate stepping and moving without restriction. In this design, the bar also serves as a table. While it is not a proper working island, because it does not have a stove or dishwasher, if the space is wide, it makes sense to place an island in the center.

3. In an ‘L’ shape if it is rectangular

For either a wide or a narrow rectangular layout, distribution in an ‘L’ is the most appropriate, since it allows optimizing the space in the best way. This design, as can be observed, is more than an L and less than a U. The addition of a floating table attached to the wall, and the lamps, creates a cozy area.

4. A tiered island or bar provides the dual function of eating and working

If the layout is more square than rectangular, it’s better to think of a ‘U’ distribution. In this kitchen, we see an open ‘U’, which includes the bar on one side. The two-tiered bar counter serves a double function. It complements the work area and the eating area. In this way, the best distribution is achieved to optimize movement and work flow in the kitchen.

5. Linear for very small spaces

If the layout is narrow (less than two meters wide) and elongated, the best option is a linear design. To increase the storage capacity, use high cabinets that touch the ceiling.

6. Take advantage of every bit of space

Above the refrigerator, modular cabinets can be designed to allow for storage.  Column-style cabinets are also advisable as they allow to store things in several levels. Between low and high cabinets that are separated by the edge of a countertop, a column works better.

For more ideas on kitchen storage, see 5 ways to optimize storage in a small Indian kitchen.

Which of these ideas will work well in your kitchen? Respond in the comments.
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