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A couple built their own house, and it turned out beautiful

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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We all dream of building our own home and try to locate a piece of land in a perfect size to design the project of our dreams. However, in most cases (or almost always), we are stopped by the costs involved in hiring an architect and building the house from scratch, as well as the time it takes to achieve everything from start to finish. With good planning and excellent management of resources, you can achieve a home that is made to measure. One, which will have a value that goes far beyond the economics of construction and will turn out to be a residence that can be enjoyed to the maximum. Today we present the project of a single-family house, constructed with the help of professional builders, who have many years of experience in residential projects.

​Building the walls

The walls of this two-storey house are made of brick, bonded with cement, limestone and sand to create a strong and sturdy structure. In this phase, provision is made for channels or pipes for all the sanitary and electrical installations.

​Initial phase

This is the appearance of the house in its initial phase of construction. We can clearly see that it is made of a reinforced concrete structure, with an excellent foundation made with the same material and with slabs on the roof and between floors fixed with joints and frames.

​Installation of windows

After finishing the shell structure, in which the walls are completed, the floors and mezzanines are reinforced with slabs, and pipes are made ready for the fittings and fixtures, installation of windows in each of the open spaces, as well as doors in the exterior, is completed so that later one can proceed to apply the finishes and secure the interior of the house.

​Application of insulation

Several types of finishes and waterproofing materials are used in the facade of the house, to provide insulation to the interior, as well as to save on the energy consumption. The insulation also helps to prepare the house for the final finishes.

​Insulation on the roof

The roof is covered with a waterproofing material, not only to avoid increases in heat inside the house, but also to repel the moisture caused by natural rainfall, allowing the roof and structure to remain intact and to eliminate the risk of damage due to water accumulation.

​Roof covering

The roof has subsequently been covered with small stones, which helps the aesthetics besides providing the function of filtering the water and creating a protective barrier so that it prevents the surface from deterioration or causing a leak in the interior.

​Installation of floors

Inside the house the installation of the flooring is done in the next step. The floor is composed of large format ceramic slabs of approximately 60cm x 60cm, which are joined with such precision that the gaps between each piece are almost imperceptible.

​Wood floors

Some of the other areas of the  house have wood laminate floors, which require a well leveled surface so that they can be installed correctly, ensuring that the pieces that make up the floor are not going to rise or buckle later.

​Final stage

On the outside, the final finishes are given using plaster to outline the edges of the volumes that make up the façade of the house, as well as each of the windows, so that they are ready for painting and other finishes or coatings, such as stones and tiles.

​A beautiful, finished house

This is the house after it is finished, with a fence lined with stone, black metal elements and a clean, modern and very striking façade that has a simple combination of white and gray, distinguishing it that from other houses in the urban neighbourhood.

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Do you have any ideas to share about D-I-Y house construction? Let us know in the comments.
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