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Living in the lap of nature

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If you long to get away from the hustle and bustle of this city, and dream of living close to nature, then you will love these natural houses designed to get you closer to nature. The natural living design of these houses will let you get away from it all. 

Living close to nature is good for the mind, body and soul. A new study reports that living close to nature improves mental health and emotional well-being. With the ingenious designs featured here, you can live close to nature with all the creature comforts of a modern lifestyle. 

Perhaps you're interested in alternative living or maybe you're dreaming of building a holiday home or retirement home somewhere in the forest? Either way these houses are built to inspire and we hope they will inspire you too.

Living between heaven and earth

The stunning design of this tree house enables you to live in the forest canopy, between heaven and earth. The forest canopy is a magical place between heaven and earth where creatures such as birds, sloths, butterflies, squirrel monkeys, and other wonderful creatures seek shelter. Imagine all the spectacular natural sounds and sights you can witness from this point of view!

The spherical shape of the roost tree house and its spiral staircase gives it a futuristic, yet completely natural look.The rooftop opens up to a circular balcony where you can hang out with the creatures who live between heaven and earth. 

Living out of the box

Are you tired of living in a box in a noisy, polluted city? This egg-shaped house offers an alternative to live out of the box, and close to nature. Its small size encourages a simple, minimalist lifestyle, and its natural design blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings. 

Tree house

Since both childhood and adult fantasies seem to be made out of tree houses and adventure, maybe we should consider making the fantasy a reality by living in a house like this. 

This tree snake house was designed by Architectural & Design Studio, architects based in Lisbon, Portugal. The elongated part of this house stretches out into a bridge which eventually leads to an exit through the trees. Big windows on the side and on the roof let you gaze out at the trees and the stars above. 

If you still haven't had enough of tree houses, have a look at this tree house design

Forest house

Explore your wild side with this forest house designed to nestle among the trees. The house's tent-like design is meant to maximize space and create an open, spacious house that is in harmony with the openness and spaciousness of the surrounding natural environment. 

This house was built with both modern/industrial materials and traditional/craftsmen's materials to create an architectural design that is suitable for the high altitude environment it is located in. 

The size of this house makes it ideal to be a lovely family home. Imagine kids growing up in nature and playing outdoors again, rather than growing up in a polluted city and playing indoors with smart phones and computers. It is easy to design a better life for you and your family with this forest house. 

Teepee house

Now you can play house again with this teepee shaped house, and awaken your childhood imagination and carefree spirit. The open design of this house evokes feelings of freedom which is hard to come by if you live in a city. 

Living in a house like this probably feels like camping, but with more comfort, shelter and protection from the natural elements. Imagine having a campfire just outside your teepee house and listening to all the night sounds of the jungle. 

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Let us know if you liked these natural living design ideas. 

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