Sanchetna: modern Kitchen by Ankit Goenka

20 low budget ideas to renovate your kitchen

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Most of the time that we are within the house is spent in the kitchen, and for this reason, it is important that we design it keeping all the essential factors in mind. Redesigning a kitchen does not mean that you have to spend your entire salary rather there are numerous alternatives cost way less and give out excellent results. 

Here are 20 low budget ideas to renovate your kitchen that you must consider.

1. Innovative shelves

Kitchen supplied by Home center: modern Kitchen by Hasta architects
Hasta architects

Kitchen supplied by Home center

Hasta architects

One of the best ideas to redesign your kitchen is by adding an innovative shelf that acts as a storage and partition at the same time.

2. Vertical space

You must always use the vertical space available in the kitchen to add as much storage as possible.

3. Utility hooks

There are various small utility items that are often hard to find and the best way to store them is by adding hooks whenever possible.

4. Drawer organizer

One must make sure that all the drawers in their kitchen are divided and have organizers so that you can store different items as per their categories.

5. Corner storage

modern Kitchen by L&G Arquitectos
L&G Arquitectos

Herraje esquina derecha

L&G Arquitectos

Most of us waste the corner space available in our kitchen, and the best way to deal with this is by adding corner storage like seen in the picture.

6. Kitchen window

You must always make sure that your kitchen has a window which will allow fresher to circulate properly within the room.

7. Counter lights

To make your kitchen well lit add counter lights as the designer has done for this room.

8. Cabinet doors

kitchen front & side counters: modern Kitchen by Bluebell Interiors
Bluebell Interiors

kitchen front & side counters

Bluebell Interiors

Another great way to renovate your kitchen without making major changes is by replacing your cabinet doors to something more beautiful.

9. Pull out racks

Incorporating similar looking pull out racks in dead corners is another great way of using the available space well.

10. Kitchen island

Adding a kitchen island does not mean that you have to waste an enormous amount of space. You can also incorporate sleek looking kitchen island like shown in the picture.

11. Kitchen sink

4BHK Home Interior End to End Turnkey Project @ Whitefield Bangalore: asian Kitchen by Dream Designers
Dream Designers

4BHK Home Interior End to End Turnkey Project @ Whitefield Bangalore

Dream Designers

If you want to make, your kitchen look beautiful without spending a lot of money, then replace the sink and the top of the room.

12. New pipelines

Make sure that all the pipelines in your kitchen are renewed and tucked away in a cabinet so that it looks modern and clean.

13. Area partition

Villa Interiors at Ghaziabad: modern Kitchen by Ar. Sandeep Jain
Ar. Sandeep Jain

Villa Interiors at Ghaziabad

Ar. Sandeep Jain

If your dining room and kitchen are next to each other than incorporating a designer partition is an excellent way to set a visual limit.

14. Counter space

Feel Beauty of Richness..: classic Kitchen by Premdas Krishna
Premdas Krishna

Feel Beauty of Richness..

Premdas Krishna

One should always create the maximum amount of counter space in the kitchen so that it is easy for two or three people to work together.

15. Curtains

If your kitchen windows are facing direct sunlight, then you can also add curtains or screens that reflect the rays away from the kitchen.

16. Bright colours

Parallel Modular Kitchens Online: asian Kitchen by Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.
Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.

Parallel Modular Kitchens Online

Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.

Adding a touch of bright colour in your kitchen is a great way of renovating the space and making it look lively at the same time.

17. Tiled back splash

the blue kitchen : modern Kitchen by ZERO9

the blue kitchen


If you want to make, your kitchen waterproof than the best way to do this is by adding a tiled backsplash.

18. Prints

Adding prints to your kitchen layout is an excellent way to renovate the room without having to spend a lot.

19. Traditional touch

For those of you who have traditional cupboards and cabinets in their home adding it as a storage piece in your kitchen can be a great way to make it look classic.

20. Flowers

mediterranean Kitchen by Drob Design
Drob Design

Kitchen in beige

Drob Design

To make your kitchen smell good at all times, add potted plants wherever possible. This will also make your kitchen look beautiful for the lowest possible amount.

Check out our ideabooks for more ideas. 

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