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8 strong and beautiful outdoor metal ceilings

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The outside of the home is open to modification, and this applies for your villa, pent house or patio home, too!

If you’re someone who likes to smell the grassy outdoors and grill on the BBQ during the cooler months, there’s so much more at steak. Take for example these lovely metal patio roofs that let in the air and light along with some shade.

It’s an excellent accompaniment to your villa or patio home. A light metal roof complemented with a good floor can become a perfect social area to share.

Here’s are a book of tips to put on a pergola if you have a similar space in your home.

1. Use the wall

The roof can use the walls for anchorage to support beams that are a decorative roof. It is necessary to acknowledge that decorative roofs tend to be light and depending on the material that they are made of can be moldable.

Always be sure to have a sturdy structure to attach the decorative roof. Also be sure to have enough sitting and walking space in between the walls, to produce the best results.

2. The Rain Barrier

The outdoor roof serves dual purposes. It can be used as a decorative shade during the summer months are a rain tarp during rains. However, a much better option is to cover the spaces with translucent polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are available in numerous tints with varying density for light penetration.

3. Drainage Dilemmas

Watch out when it rains because am outdoor roof needs an adequate drainage system in its design.

A good way to provide practical drainage for any outdoor roof is to create a channel that carries water to floor tank via pipe that then sends the water out again later with minimum splash.

4. The Industrial Romance

Yes, metal and the industrial design in decor match very well. Even more so when these two elements are used together for an outdoor roof. What you can see here is a series of very interesting effects—a play of light and shade along with venetian type roofing.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

5. Geometry and shadows

Prefabricated metal roofing structures are the best choice if you are exploring a single designed structure. Geometric patterns look the most appealing, and they invite people to laze in the shade and relax while studying a storm of geometric shadows.

This sort of design also controls the visibility from above, so is an ideal choice for incorporating into your patio apartment or even penthouse.

6. Mixing materials

The metallic ceilings can be combined with other materials, in this case stone board.  Alternating the metal beams with smooth surfaces creates fixtures for adding lighting. The effect is different from the other examples, controlling much more the atmosphere. The effect here is much more personal as you have more control of the atmosphere in this space.

7. Contemporary Terraces

Terraces are perfect for adding a metal roof to. Large ones are even better as they create a pergola like space to chill and hangout during the holidays. If you live on the sunny side of the planet then a pergola with more shade is a better choice. But always leave out a little part of the roof to offer an extensive look at the starry sky.

Checkout 13 pergolas that will make your yard look fabulous here.

8. Impactful Shade

If your sprawling terrace is more of a social area or a party loft the why cover too much of the view. This structure has a great look that’s inviting to look around and experience the outdoors while still offering some shade.

This pergola roof structure is also perfect for LED Lighting or setting up lamps for more lighting and a pleasing ambiance.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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