17 amazing ideas to decorate the front of your house

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The front of your house needs to be decorated appropriately in order to leave a significant impression on your guest. This is the first thing that people notice about a house and its owners which can be quite a lasting memory. Out of all the methods that you can use to make your exteriors look beautiful here is a list of top 17 that we have put together.

1. Designer iron grills

Handmade iron grills are the first option that you can use for decorating your exteriors. These grills can incorporate any design whether it is a pattern or an initial of your name.

2. Thatched roof

If you want to give your home a traditional look then using thatched roof is an excellent idea.

3. Outdoor garden

Most people like to incorporate a garden within their compound, but by adding an outdoor garden, you can turn your entrance into a beautiful landscape.

4. Cement grills

If you want to little privacy but still want to make your exterior look elegant then choosing these cement grills is an ideal choice.

5. Brick wall

For those of you who love rustic looking houses building a red brick wall can be the correct way to achieve your very own rustic look.

6. Exterior stone wall

Creating a similar looking exterior can be an excellent way to incorporate two entrance doors without making the place look cramped.

7. Parallel garden

By building a stone walkway in between your garden, you can create a parallel layout without much hassle.

8. Artificial flower bed

It is not always important that flower beds should have sand. Rather they can also have pebbles which make the place look grand.

9. Large windows

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By incorporating large windows in your house, you can make the exterior look beautiful without having to build any new facades.

10. Granite wall

If you want a more durable exterior then using granite to build a wall like seen in the picture is also a good choice.

11. Small trees

Buy neatly placing small trees in same gaps you can achieve a natural looking exterior that is also easy to maintain.

12. Gray cement bricks

If you do not want to incorporate bright colours to your exterior then opting for gray cement bricks is another alternative that you can use.

13. Slanting roof

To give your house a barn style look you can design slanting roof like they do in the suburbs.

14. Earthy colours

Using earthy tones of colour to paint the exterior of your house is another great way of making the place look beautiful.

15. Outdoor planters

Outdoor planters are one of the best ways of adding a natural element to the exterior of your house without disturbing the entire layout.

16. Car park

Having an open garage that uses a tiled floor can also be one of the best ways to decorate your entrance.

17. Wooden doors

By changing your main doors to wooden ones, you will not only gets durability but will also be able to make it look natural.

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