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19 cleverly organised kitchens (with ideas you can copy)

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A well-organised kitchen is a staple in any home, but are you aware of how many cool storage and display options there are out there right now which can make the endeavour so much simpler and more stylish? Kitchen planners are consistently staggering us with the funky and imaginative ways that they seek to add extra storage to their clients' spaces, so why not come and take a look at some of our favourites now and see if you fancy adding any of them to your kitchen space? You won't regret it!

1. A wall-mounted crockery rack is such a great investment, especially if you want to embrace extra organisation!

2. Why just have small cabinets when you can build them up to the ceiling and garner so much more storage?

3. A little colour variation in your cabinets can make finding certain items a doddle! Tins in the grey cupboards and fresh produce in the orange!

4. A semi open-fronted storage system will mean that you can locate everything you need in an instant.

5. How about open or glass-fronted cabinets at the top and solid ones at the bottom, so you can pick and choose what you have on display?

6. Some simple wall shelves are the best idea for maintaining easy access to everyday objects, such as tumblers and wine glasses!

7. Inset recipe shelving and task lighting? These are officially two ideas that we are desperate to pinch!

8. Accounting for your passions will make for such an organised kitchen. An integrated wine rack is a must for all tipple-fans!

9. For that amazingly organised kitchen that you're always dreaming about, you know that you need a central island, right?

10. Make those corners work a little harder, with some drawers like this one! What a way to get more from your dead space!

11. What a great idea! Hiding pull-out deep drawers inside cabinets makes for a doubly-organised area!

12. Why spend hours looking for a certain pan or baking tray in your cabinets, when you can simply hang them above your head? So clever!

13. Even really unusually-shaped kitchens can be opened up to offer more storage, if you get a carpenter in, to create you something custom.

14. We are so inspired by this open-plan kitchen that extends out into a little study or office area! We NEED to do this!

15. Add more surface area as and when you need it, with extending worktops! Or, for a simple hack, you could place a cutting board on an open drawer, for the same functionality!

16. Just when you think you've topped-out in terms of storage space, how about trying this technique of adding open cubbies on top of your cabinets?

17. Don't bemoan a small kitchen, but use it to your advantage in terms of design. This is your chance to adopt some curves and well-placed tall cabinets!

18. At first glance, this looks very simple, but when you realise it's a working family kitchen, those basic wall shelves take on a whole new genius. Especially with mug hooks!

19. A blackboard wall would be an amazing way to ensure that you never forget to pop anything on your shopping list! You can even write meal plans on them too!

For even more cool kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Practical kitchen ideas.

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