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8 spectacular double beds with ideas to copy

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A4estudio Modern style bedroom
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When it’s time to decorate your temple of love – the bedroom – the choice of a double bed will be the most difficult decision because it will determine the style of the room – modern, rustic, minimalist, romantic, etc.

The matrimonial or double bed is the protagonist in your bedroom, so you have to be careful in choosing every other detail to match it, whether it’s the sheets and curtains or furniture, lamps and other accessories. Don’t forget the colour of the walls. They must be soft tones that invite rest and romance for the couple to enjoy.

Today, we bring you this ideabook with different elements that you should take into account to help you to achieve the room of your dreams. It’s time to get started! Don’t think about it anymore, and be daring as you combine the different ideas that we present today.

1. Your bed is always a good investment

Without doubt, one of the most important investments in your room is your double bed. When choosing it, always look for the best mattress, and of course, a good base that will combine with it. In this photograph, we can see that the rest of the room is designed with colors that complement the bed, making this bedroom harmonious and comfortable.

2. Try some wood

Maybe it is not something we would usually choose, but nowadays, wood is used in many parts of our home. To create this beautiful room, it is used on the floors, walls and ceiling – an unusual wood with a mix of light and dark brown tones. In the middle of this room is the protagonist – the double bed – with a wooden base and matching bedside tables that go very well with the rest of the décor in the room, including the modern functional furniture.

3. Vibrant colours

SADHWANI BUNGALOW 1 Square Designs Modern style bedroom
1 Square Designs


1 Square Designs

There are several decorative elements that we can use for our room that will blend well with the double bed. A false ceiling coupled with good lighting is an excellent choice to incorporate into the decoration to give a unique look and appearance to the room. If you want to highlight the frame of your bed, add a beautiful carpet in a bright and bold color.

4. Give it prominence with a touch of light

While decorating the bedroom, we always look for the best, and good lighting should be part of it. Innovative and unique lamps that hang from the ceiling on either side of the bed, for those who love reading, is an excellent choice. An intelligent installation of lighting sources that not only dim the room, but also highlight the space with an elegant and subtle touch is ideal.

5. Minimalist style

black and white bedroom KARU AN ARTIST Modern style bedroom

black and white bedroom


You will only achieve the style that you look for if you use the essential elements that can match with your room and make it a part of you. Bedside tables, curtains, carpets, excellent lighting provided by lamps and other decorative elements are all present, but this room would not be complete without the center of attention, the low double bed with sheets that combine with the rest of the decor and some excellent cushions to complement it.

​6. Bold colours

The bedroom is always the most romantic place in the house, especially if you share it with your partner. Use a range of colors that combine well with each other. Different shades of gray with a contrast color can make a difference, like the mustard that you see, in this image, on the beautiful sheet and small cushions. The picture stands out in the sober, background wall of the room.

7. For small spaces

If you do not have much space in your room, and you do not know what to do, you can get creative. Always use light colors that give the appearance of spaciousness. A high bed with white sheets and a gray quilt that matches the rest of the color palette, good pillows, beautiful and original bedroom furniture and accessories allow you to create a unique room for yourself.

8. Simplicity

Straight and symmetrical lines are present in this large, double bed to present simplicity that combines with elegance. It emphasizes the backrest that serves as support for the cushions, adding personality to the decoration.  

For more ideas see 10 beautiful double-bed ideas for your home.

What type of double bed will you choose? Let us know in the comments.
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