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45 ideas to decorate the hall and lobby

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The hall and corridor is the first visual contact one haswhen they step into any home. This is why choosing the right decor, colourscheme and elements is so important. The decor of the hall and corridor shouldbe in sync with the rest of the home in a decorative style that complements theinteriors.

Plants, pictures, painting, mirrors and wall hangings—the choices are innumerable when decorating the hall-corridor and space.

1. A decorative wall

This wall is a mural comprised of four blocks in earth tones that come together to form a silver oval that brings forth a rustic tone.

2. White geometry

This hallway in white consists of a door that has two glass dividers. In front of the door is a pure white bookshelf holding elegant pottery and accessories.

3. White mink

The corridor of this home features walls painted in a sober grey accompanied by white sockets. The white vase for decoration is an elegant touch, and the white flowers stand out against the background.

4. Welcome style

The corridor in this home features a slender vanity table with curved wooden legs and a large square mirror with an eloquent silver frame.

5. Hello curves

This curved bookcase a definitive feature of this home, that has been used to place decorative objects.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

6. Enter the artist

This corridor that leads to the hall is a gallery of sorts, displaying frames, painting and glass work to guests. Art pieces have deliberately been placed on the floor for a casual look.

7. Glittering Light

These tea lights add a twinkling effect to the hall corridor, drawing visitors with a map of miniature LED lights to the living room.

8. Book shelf

The access to this home is flanked by a well stocked library that make up the wall of the corridor.

9. Coffee table with ornaments

A marble top table with travertine vases welcome guests into this home.

10. Be minimalist

The entrance of this apartment offers a wardrobe space and shelves of strong minimalist aesthetic.

Also checkout 6 decorative wardrobe ideas here.

11. Styled in glass

This apartment has a french style glass coffee table with a frosted glass door with natural emblems.

12. Black and white corridor

The entrance of this home features a library in white wood accompanied by a chromatic range of coloured accessories. The floor is covered with black and white ceramic tiles with delicate patterns.

13. An arty welcome

The entrance to this home is a mini exhibition of sorts with paintings and sculptures.

14. Light and geometry.

The corridor to this home is marked by natural looking wood beams and frames.

15. Black and white

This corridor has a chromatic look with white walls featuring a sandy coloured floor and black industrial lamps.

16. Style hall

This hall features a forged table with large square mirrors with gold frames.

17. Curious light fixtures

These colourful and original wall lamps welcome newcomers into the home with warm glow.

18. Modular input

This hall features a wall of square modules made from white wood on a grey background.

19. Original staircase

When you enter this home, the first thing that springs to sight is this unique stair railing with white rods of a unique geometric shape.

20. Décor with Wallpapers

A wall covered with patterned wallpaper and a wooden bench welcome newcomers into this home.

21. Old prints and engravings

Placed above the entrance of this home, three engravings in the old style with cutlery stand out from the rest of the decor.

22. Small farmhouse look

The decor of this home is modern and sophisticated but some natural contrast is added with some country style greens.

23. An art abode

The corridor of this home incorporates many cosy niches where small house sculptures are displayed.

24. Wall with waves

The waves in this corridor is a fluid design created in masonry.

25. Dark wood floating shelves

This space features wooden floating shelves of dark wood next to which stands a wall feature in bright red colour.

26. White corridor

White walls and wood pattern flooring,  gives this corridor a relaxed look accentuated by a bow and large window in the background.

27. An eclectic look

This corridor combines an iron bench with original black and white polka dots. The same colour has been used to create a chromatic effect of the pictures on the wall.

28. Warrior and plot

This room has a minimalist oriental type look with an iron table, a clay sculpture of a warrior and a metal weave hanging on the wall.

29. Light blue and white

This home has a sky inspired feel with shades of blue in a honeycomb design with intense celestial white lintels.

30. Divider shelf

The entrance hall is separated from the living room by a white shelf with fine partitions.

31. White and wood

The board walkway in this home has two tones, with a vertical-shelf housing natural elements and books.

32. Plants and light

The entrance of this home has white masonry furniture paired with brown wood inlays for a natural look. Embedded lights on the shelf offer a beam of light to tabletop plants.

34. White forever

One can completely change the look of the entrance, corridor or the hallways by using the right tables. Semi circular tables work wonders for small and compact entrances.


Even a drop of colour can bring a space to life. In this bedroom corridor the dresser has a light to illuminate two dancing sculptures in pop colours.

35. Wooden ceiling

This lively aisle has white walls and silver framed sheets and a ceiling with light parquet flooring.

36. Placards in succession

This corridor is very useful, with lots of storage space in vertical shelves. Take a look at the hardwood flooring used in the wide walkway.

37. Unabashed modernity

This environment welcomes the newcomer with a design chair, a large mural and original pots. A very modernistic room setting with industrial elements.

Simple and Modern

This treacly looking corridor is perfect for the space between rooms. A simple iron wall table and some pink highlights like cushions in a bag, freshens up the space.

39. Parquet flooring

In the case that a room takes you to wide corridor, use parquet flooring and make the most of it with recessed floodlights and pure white walls.

40. Decorative corridor

The decorative corridor adds an industrial tone with a succession of slots in a geometric pattern.

41. Colour synthesis

This pure white room has a niche display area washed with pink. The groove houses some alluring pieces of art and sculptures. LEDs from the top, add a spotlight to the area.

42. Family Hall

When a long corridor acts as a backbone to the house - parquet flooring, white walls pictures is what you should be thinking of using. Low and dark furniture offers a linear effect along with lighting.

43. Bricks and Metal

The wall in this corridor is made of white painted bricks onto which a metal frame table is trimmed with a black top.

44. Flat trees

This fun and interesting feature is actually a coat rack shaped like a tree. Beside it stands a modular shelf for books, games or sculptures.

45. Classic White

White is without doubt a timeless colour for decor because it gives so much credit to the the colours you use to accessorize. In this case it’s gold handles, yellow marbling and a white ceramic mirror.

Feeling inspired? Well, let us know what décor you have chosen for your hallway or entrance.

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