17 ideas that will make your house look modern (and beautiful!)

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Aim for these modern ideas when you are decorating your home!

We can never have too many ideas when it’s time to decorate or redecorate our homes, and although it seems impossible, when the moment arrives, we are plagued with doubts that we can’t chase away, unless we can visualize images that exemplify the ideas.

That is precisely why we have collected these examples, each with something unique to show you, in the hope that you will be convinced to copy some of them.

​1. Farewell to narrow bars

The usual thing in kitchens, as it appeals due to its practicality, is to have a breakfast bar, but  a change in its look would not be bad at all. For example, instead of locating it in a corner, place it in the center, and not too high—just to the height of the rest of the furniture. It doesn’t have to stand alone, but can include other features as well.

2. Say yes to bold colours

Do not be afraid of an intense color, so long as it is used with caution. It can give much-needed enhancement to any neutral atmosphere. Do you doubt it? Look at this pretty, white house with royal blue touches to get convinced.

3. Think double

A fabulous décor idea, when you are no longer single and begin to live as a couple, is to start having two of the same feature. For example, install an extra sink in your bathroom, or another bureau in the bedroom.

4. A whole, white environment

Do you feel that your furniture and ornaments do not look as they should? Try this idea, and make your walls and floors white; immediately, everything else will stand out.

5. Hidden furniture

Furniture is a key factor in interior decoration. It can enhance or ruin any space, so if you want to add some to your house but feel that the environment is already perfect, look for a place to hide or store it when you do not need it.

6. Levels that coexist

It is no longer a rule that every floor of the house should be independent. They can converge with total openness, but with protection (such as rails), if necessary.

7. Hello to open areas

Let the living room blend with the dining room, hallway and stairs. You don’t need to install furniture and accessories that separate areas. It’s better to furnish and decorate more than one room with the same theme.

8. Wood cannot be absent

Of course, wood is already a classic in interior decoration, especially in those  homes where a contrast is needed.

9. Don’t forget your bedroom

Although not all your guests are going to enjoy the decoration of your bedroom, it is important that it looks good. After all, it reflects your personality.

10. Fewer walls

Do not waste space by building walls to limit each of your rooms. It’s better to let them coexist, and it will make it easier to keep your entire house looking coordinated and homogeneous.

11. Let the furniture float

Most of us have the tendency to place the furniture against the walls, either parallel or perpendicular.  This, even if you do not believe it, makes the decoration look simple and sparse. To eradicate this look, do not be afraid to put your furniture in the spotlight.

12. Order in the closet

Organization is the key to any decor looking good. In the closet, it is paramount, especially if the design is without doors and has only a few drawers, as the disorder will be seen for miles. So, keep that in mind.

13. A light colour helps to denote cleanliness

If you want your bedroom to look impeccable always, it is time to change the paint to a very light shade, so it reflects phenomenal neatness.

14. Decorate with pictures

As you can see, it’s not for nothing that decorating your house with pictures has become an essential feature. A couple of them can give a unique personality to any room.

15. Beautiful walls

When you choose to beautify your walls, just remember that you must give them a coating that makes them stunning, because from now on they will play an important part in the beauty of your house.

16. Small kitchens are not ugly

It is a complete misconception that small kitchens can’t be appreciated. This happens when we do not dedicate desire and ingenuity in decorating them. Light colors, large windows, white light, a few cabinets and… it’s ready!

17. A few strategically chosen accessories

It is not necessary to decorate with many accessories. A few miracles are all that you need, provided that they are chosen and placed strategically. A picture, a vase, some nice lamps, aromatic candles… and the house is ready to dazzle.

For more interior decor ideas for your home see this ideabook.

Which of these ideas will you use in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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