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As the title suggests, this particular project concerns the conversion of an old office building into an amazing new apartment. The former office building is located in a prominent area of central London, with neighbours including the Museum of London and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. However, the heritage listed building had been vacant for close to a decade, and was in dire need of a rejuvenation. 

No doubt there was potential for the office building to become a stylish apartment, but the project was full of complexities and challenges that only a high quality design firm could guide their way past. Luckily, an experienced team from Mackay & Partners LLP were responsible for the conversion. Continue reading to see how the dull office building became a stylish new apartment building…  

Pretty vacant

From the exterior, most people would assume that the office building was still a functioning place of work. Little would they know that new tenants resided within the old office building. Built in the post war period the buildings cold concrete appearance is a type of building that is common throughout the city. Despite their appearance, if refurbished in the correct manner, these buildings have the potential to provide high quality residences. 

Exposed pillars

Whist in the past there has been much disdain and general negativity towards concrete buildings such as this. Today there is considerable less prejudice against concrete buildings than there used to be. More people are realising the potential and hidden beauty of buildings of this design. Here, exposed concrete pillars of the original office building make fantastic features in the bathroom. Refurbishment elsewhere in the room is vast. 

The master bedroom

Refurbishment elsewhere in the apartment continues the look of a contemporary home. The master bedroom is an open and sophisticated space that incorporates many of the current designer trends. In particular, the choice of armchair is perfectly suitable for a room such as this with its curved contemporary edge. It is placed tactically next to the window so that the owner can enjoy a novel in natural light, whilst also offering the chance to glance up to observe the bustling city go by his window. 

Vast and open

There has been a thoughtful design focus to reduce the amount of physical barriers in the apartment by the removal of interior walls. The kitchen is open planned in form and has a particular minimalist inspiration. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry has been custom designed to reach the full extent of the room. They have a glossy appearance that interplay wonderfully with the lighting selection.


Spacious yet cosy living and dining spaces feature high ceilings, timber flooring, white renders, and the trademark exposed concrete pillars. 

A perfect retreat

In a city such as London it’s such a rarity to have access to private open space. More so in a location such as central London. Living here gives the owners access to a rare outdoor retreat that's filled with natural elements. It's a peaceful spot thanks to the sound of trickling water from the amazing water feature. 

Not only does this project prove that refurbishments of office buildings can be simply luxurious, but there are other wider benefits. Refurbishment of an old office building such as this can be quicker, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than demolition and reconstruction. Not to mention that heritage buildings can be given a brand new lease of life and can be greater appreciated long into the future. 

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