20 amazing Indian kitchen designs

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Indians spend way more time in the kitchen than any other person in the entire world. For this reason it takes a lot of planning on our part to create the perfect looking kitchen. To help you with building your dream kitchen here are 20 images of amazing Indian kitchen designs that you can use.

1. Polished wood cabinets

If you want your kitchen cabinets to shine then using polished wood is something that you must consider. This is also a great way to make the cabinets water resistant and long lasting.

2. Glass partition

If you are looking for a little privacy between your kitchen and dining then creating a similar looking glass partition is ideal. You can use other materials as well for completely cordoning off the area

3. Corner cabinets

One should always remember to install cabinets in the corner as the spaces usually goes to waste. These corners are best for storing small utility items like cleaning equipments and soaps.

4. White kitchen

For those of you who want a modern looking kitchen opting for completely white interiors is worth a shot. You can also use modular kitchen counters to add to the overall look.

5. Angular counter layout

If You want to set up your kitchen in a corner then this angular layout is perfect for you. You can cover the two major walls of your kitchen with counters to maximize the preparation area.

6. Tiled back wall

Another great way to make your kitchen look beautiful is by adding tiled back walls. These tiles are available in various designs making it easy for you to choose the one you like.

7. Natural stone counters

If you want to create a kitchen using natural materials then opting for stone counters and floor is advised. These stones can include anything from marble to granite and are also available in different colours.

8. Bold prints

One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen is by using bold prints on your counter doors and backsplash like scene in this picture. These prints can also be pasted on the cabinets so that you do not have to get them made especially.

9. Designer kitchen counters

If you want a complete designer kitchen for yourself then incorporating artistic designs is something that you should must try.

10. Kitchen island

For those of you who are looking for more preparation area, adding a kitchen island in your room is also an excellent choice.

11. Maximum storage

For creating maximum amount of storage in your kitchen using vertical space is a must. You can also install double cabinets to cover the entire length of the wall.

12. Breakfast counter

If you love eating in your kitchen then creating a small breakfast counter is the best way to make it happen. These counters can be a great addition specially for daily meals.

13. Artistic cabinet doors

By transforming the doors of your kitchen cabinets you can beautify the room in an instance. The designer for this kitchen has used geometric figures to create unique looking counters and cabinets.

14. Bright colours

If you want to make your kitchen look airy then installing bright colour counters is the best option. Colours like yellow and white are best for reflecting natural light to every corner of the room.

15. Central counter

If there are multiple people working in the same kitchen then creating a central counter is the best way to partition the room into two different spaces.

16. Under-counter storage

Another great way to maximize your storage is by using under the counter space for creating utility storage cabinets.

17. Natural wood counters

Installing natural wood counters and cabinets in your kitchen is also an ideal way of creating simple yet beautiful looking.

18. Laminated counters

If you want to give your kitchen a wooden finish but are looking to make the cabinets lighter than using laminate sheets is the perfect choice.

19. Glass storage cabinets

You can also install clear glass storage cabinets so that you are able to see the items kept inside without having to open any. This makes it convenient for you to search items while working.

20. All black kitchen

If you want a kitchen which requires less maintenance than opting for an all black theme is highly recommended. You can also choose black appliance so that they complement the entire look.

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