This palatial Chennai residence is refreshing and modern

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Rendered by the architects at Murali Architects, this sprawling and luxurious house in Chennai is a tasteful blend of tradition and modernism. The structure is a mix of stylish lines, curves and other interesting shapes. And the interiors are spacious, bright and elegantly furnished. Wood, glass and stone have been combined creatively to render rooms, courtyards, and staircases. The gardens are well-maintained and beautiful too. Large and many windows allow sunlight to flood the home, along with strategically positioned skylights.

Stunning facade

The lavish use of white, modern lines and golden lighting make the house an impressive sight from the street. A large black gate protects the privacy of inhabitants, while a compact shelter to its left acts as the guard’s post.

Closer look

From here, it is easy to admire the unusual white and dark grey shapes that define the boundary wall of the property. Note how a tall coconut tree has been allowed to grow unhindered through a customised opening in the roof.

Pretty greens

Lush plants and textured rock-like structures line the exterior walls in places for a charming look.

Lovely garden

The well-maintained garden features a pretty fountain and can be admired through the large glass windows around the house.

Connecting with nature

Creative use of glazing connects the interiors with the outdoors, making for a refreshing experience.

Lively courtyard

The double-height courtyard is flooded with sunlight and dotted with beautiful potted greens, while the bright orange column lends a lively touch. Large glass windows visually connect the rooms with this space.

Bright and cosy living

Warm, soothing hues, glossy marble flooring and a gorgeous bay window make this living area bright and inviting. The TV unit is storage-friendly yet fashionable.

Modern elegance

A couple of steps take you from the living space to the other areas of this house. From here, you can admire elegant columns, rich woodwork and the curvy contour of the mezzanine floor.


This position on the mezzanine lets you soak in the beauty of ultramodern designs on the opposite wall.

Charming lighting

Creative and trendy light fixtures add oodles of personality and charm to this home.

Interesting staircase

Textured wooden wall cladding and transparent glass balustrades make quite a stylish statement with this staircase.

Way to heaven

This spiralling steel staircase leads you to a door that opens up to the rooftop terrace. Thanks to the smooth white walls, this courtyard reflects the incoming sunlight generously.

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