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Give your garden a stylish swimming pool

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Having a swimming pool in the garden is like having a permanent place for vacation with family and even friends. People can have some really great moments in and around the pool whenever they want to. The swimming pool at home can be used for a number of purposes such as water games, water exercises, and relaxation. Home owners can also organize a barbecue party around the pool. The experience of having a pool in the home is unmatchable. The home garden pools are not very deep and hence more secure for the kids. This is the place where the little children can safely learn to swim under the supervision of their kin. It could also be a great place for the adults to retreat after a long day at work. A little time in water can take out the stress from the body and mind like nothing else.

The materials

Steel coating, polyester, concrete, solid construction and stainless steel are some of the most commonly used materials used in garden swimming pool design. Steel coating material is much easier to install and remove. If required it can also be moved. They are the cheapest garden swimming pool materials and are available in a number of models and shapes. They are particularly more suited for the gardens that can be accessed only through a small-sized door. Unfortunately, there are hardly any special designs available with steel coating material. Also, the finishing isn’t really good and the construction can only be masked with the high cost patio and terrace design. They are also not very durable and may need to be changed in every 5 years. Although relatively more expensive the concrete swimming pools are a much better alternative to the steel coated materials. They come in one piece and offer a number of designs and shapes. Solid construction materials come in parts and are assembled on the site. They offer more design flexibility and can be easily made to fit in the available space. They take longer to construct and also cost higher.

The Size

Garden swimming pools in India (or for that matter anywhere else) are not very large. Private investors or homeowners usually chose the dimensions ranging from 6 x 3 to 10 x 5 metres. The size of the plot usually determines the size of the pool, but there are other factors too that weigh in. For instance, homeowners generally consider the installation and maintenance cost while picking the pool size. To swim, float, or play 1.5 metre pool depth is enough. However, if one intends to dive then the pool must be deeper or it can result in injuries. The larger the depth and size the more water it will need. This in turn will increase the cost of filtering and pumping. Also, the cost of disinfecting the water will increase. However, the largest chunk of the money will go into the energy required to heat the water. The higher the amount of water in the pool, it will also require more energy.

The Colour

White and blue coloured tiles are the most commonly used tiles for the construction of the home garden swimming pool. These colours reflect the light better and make the pool look more attractive. These colours are especially good for the deeper garden swimming pools. These colours send out least distorted lights and hence gauging the depth of the pool becomes easier. However, homeowners have started experimenting with other colours as well because the garden swimming pools are not very deep. It is still advisable that the dark colours should not be used for floor of the pool as they can give the illusion of lesser depth and may be dangerous for the kids. A palette of contrasting light colours can also be chosen for the garden pools. Many houses in Brazil these days have swimming pools featuring the combination of grey and sand-colour. The reflection of the sky from the swimming pool in these colours looks more natural and extremely attractive.

Water Treatment

A number of things need to be taken care of for the proper maintenance and construction of the pool as well as the pool water. Circulation and filtration clean up the water from any dust and debris. The pump pulls the water from the pool, propels it to the filtration unit, and then pushes it back into the pool. Other than circulation and filtration, treatment and sanitation processes are required to free the water of any impurities which cannot be cleaned by the filter. Adding chlorine to the water kills germs, microorganisms, and bacteria. Chlorine is generally available in the form of sticks or floating tablets. Calcium hypochlorite or cyanuric acid is added to the pool water to enhance the effectiveness of chlorine and prevent it from sun. But too much of both can render chlorine ineffective too. Maintaining the pH level of water in the optimal range of 7.2-7.6 is important. Chlorine disinfects water but is only effective when the pH level is within this range. Test strips can determine the level of pH in water. Adding adequate amount of Hydrochloric Acid keeps the pH within the optimal range.

Security for Children

The installation of the garden swimming pool should be properly coordinated with the proper safety codes, ordinances, and safety regulations. It is important to create higher traction on the deck of the pool, ladders, and diving boards with the non-slippery materials. To ensure security for children, the pool ladder steps must be minimum 3 inches wide. There should be a handrail on the either side of the ladder short enough for the kids to grasp them. A Ladder should be constructed on both the ends of the pool. The homeowners must also ensure that the electrical equipment and appliances are installed only by a certified professional and they should be in accordance with the safety codes.

Swimming pool garden is a wonderful place for the family to relax and have some fun together. Security of the kids and adults, proper water treatment, materials, and size are some of the things to keep in mind during the construction of the pool in the garden.

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