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10 design ideas for two-storey houses

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Architects charge a lot when they are required to design a double storey house and often for this reason most people choose to replicate the first floor design on every floor to save money. One of the best ways to deal with a similar situation is by searching for designs online but this too can prove to be a time-consuming task. So to help you with your design requirements we have a list of ten new layout ideas for amazing looking two storey houses.

1. Block shaped house

Another great way to design a two storey house is by starting with a block shaped building. As seen in the picture the designer has used a high rise building to create multiple levels inside. You can also add a common staircase which opens on different level to server each floor.

2. Dual colour exterior

One of the easiest ways to differentiate a design between two floors is by adding dual tone of colours. Apart from this you can also extend the corners of your roof so that you can paint them in darker tone to give your house a finished look.

3. Big windows

For those of you who are looking to incorporate proper natural light in their double storey house using this design is highly recommended. The designer suggests that you add big windows on each level so that it not only provides proper ventilation but also keeps the interiors well lit.

4. Wooden exteriors

If you want to create a double storey house with natural materials then using a wooden facade on your exteriors can be a great idea. You can easily install long wooden panels both vertically and horizontally to create different designs for each section.

5. Corner layout

By stacking both the floors in one side and incorporating a corner terrace you will be able to create a unique looking double storey house. You can also paint the structural walls in a different colour to give your home a modern look.

6. Slant roof

Another great idea to make your double storey house look amazing is by incorporating slant roofs. Slant roofs are the best option especially for places that receive heavy rainfall as it does not allow water to clog on your roof.

7. Country style house

If you love country style houses and are looking to create one for yourself then using red bricks to build both the floors is something that you must try. You can also add cemented window frames and roof edges so that it looks rustic.

8. Mansion style house

For those of you who are looking to create a mansion style house for themselves this Victorian style double storey building is a must consider. The designer has used angular roofs, shades and extended balconies to give the house a fabulous finish.

9. Multilevel roof

Installing multilevel roofs on the second floor of your house can also be a great way to design a two storey building. This not only allows water and snow to slide away from the roof but also gives it a unique exterior.

10. Modern style house

If you love urban style designs then this modern looking double storey house is perfect for you. By creating long walls and structural pillars you will be able to give your house the sturdiness that it requires and yet make it look modern.

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