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We all are always on the lookout for a trendy and contemporary home décor that is affordable and attractive at the same time. Pictures and frames have always been a part of the house, be it any home décor and any size of the house; big or small. These frames can be arranged in many different forms that basically lend a unique appeal to the room and the house. You can use your creativity and innovative mind to create a beautiful masterpiece in your bedroom or living room. These can either be arranged in a fixed pattern or a messy and unorganised composition. You can even use DIY frames that are pretty inexpensive and convenient at the same time. Read through the ideabook to know more about such patterns and make a spectacular decorative item.

Composition organised

Out of the numerous ways of arranging the frames, try going for the ones that are perfectly organised. This depicts a particular theme, which attracts and allures the curiosity of the guests and visitors. Try placing these frames on the accent wall to make them as the focal point of the room. You may as well go with the 60-30-10-colour concept in this design. The frames and paintings can make a major contribution to the 10 per cent of the colourful décor of the room. Try going for contrasting colours that highlight and brighten the entire room. Moreover, you must also try to maintain a theme or sequence in the alignment of frames. In case of bedrooms, make the frames narrate a soothing and relaxing story. You might also use a collage of real life events to make the room more personalised.

Vertical lines

Wall frames can be arranged in vertical arrays or lines for better enhancement of walls and the overall room. In case your house has sleek vertical walls, it is a great idea to embellish them with vertical lines of photo frames. You may also use them on dividing walls and pillars that basically go non-embellished in house decors. This design creates a sense of height and space and thus makes the room look taller and spacious.  You may incorporate happening colours and designs that will instantly attract everybody’s attention. Choosing modern art designs and optical illusions can help embellish the walls perfectly. For this design, choose a lightly toned wall that can perfectly highlight the colours of the frames and paintings. You can even use them on sleek walls of the kitchen and bathroom to enhance their beauty.

Horizontal lines

Another way to include wall frames is to arrange them in horizontal lines. This interesting way is similar to vertical lines as it also creates an illusion of space and height. You might as well go with bright colours on neutral walls to make them look brighter and cheerful. These horizontal lines can be created with frames that make a perfect sense in each other’s company. So try choosing frames that display a theme and certain connectivity in the order of placement. They look best against a stonewashed wall and even with walls inspired by wood. It is a great way to add a personal touch and impart a perfect homely feel. Make use of empty wall spaces to add in your favourite frames. You can have multiple arrays of frames that collectively deliver a great message.

Messy composition

Messy is the new sassy. Yes, it is true. This design by Bricks Studio basically incorporates frames of vivid shapes and sizes, all placed together with no connection at all. These frames can either be photo frames, pictures, sayings or general paintings. They ideally lend the idea of all-in-one theme with no sequence whatsoever. The messy composition was once popular in garages and loft areas where people used to place all frames together. But this style got further recognition and is now used in the majority of modern home decors.  This is the most innovative and creative way of arranging the frames. It creates a vivid collage that experiments with different backgrounds, colour concepts, pictures and shapes. Try using subtle wall colours for this concept as they can incorporate anything and everything. These are best suited for the walls of a college student or a bachelor living in a studio apartment.

Even number

Placing the frames in even numbers also helps to give the wall and the room a distinct and special feel. This concept is perfect for both small and large areas. These frames can either be arranged in vertical fashion or horizontal array. You can even use arrays of even pairs that can make a wonderful wall décor. Use of similar shades of frames over a mutely coloured wall adds to the symmetry and closely knit connection between the frames. Try depicting a story out of these pair of frames. These can either be the frames of a couple like your parents or may even be a general painting saying a thousand words about their connectivity. Always choose bright and perky colours and wholesome sizes as you only have a pair of frames on your wall. You may as well get your partner’s and your picture framed to make it a part of your bedroom.

Unpaired number

Unpaired number is the new and contemporary way of designing the wall. When it comes to a unpaired number, it can basically be any number. You can decide the number based on the total size of the wall and layout of the room. It can also be decided as per the theme of the frames and room décor. Try going for a mix and match of small and large frames with a bright palette of colours too. There is basically no guideline for this concept and you may use your creativity to create any theme or line up. Try to maintain a perfect spacing between the frames as per the basic idea. You should also consider the colour combination of the room before selecting any particular colour of the frame. Try using them in the same colour combination to make them an integral part of the room. An ecological garden at your home, does that sound like a dream? This ideabook will make it a cakewalk for you : Create an ecological garden for your home 

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