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A spring feeling in winter? This is what your bedroom needs!

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A home is another world outside the real world, it is a refuge and a place of comfort away from the harsh realities of life. Winter may be cold and bitter, but in your bedroom it can always be spring, if you want it to be. Give your bedroom a fresh makeover for winter, and turn it into spring time in your room. This idea guide is here to give you some tips on how to create a spring feeling in your bedroom in the middle of winter. Let's check out some of these ideas shall we? We hope you will find some inspiring ideas for your bedroom through this idea guide. 

Hang paintings that give away a cheerful feel

An easy way of turning winter into spring in your room is to hang paintings that give away a cheerful feel. For example, something colorful or something that reminds you of a pleasant emotion or place. Pictured here, we see a colorful abstract painting on the wall adding a splash of color to the bedroom.

Nature inspired decoration

Nature inspired decorations can liven up your room and make it feel like spring even when it's winter outside. Just collect uniquely shaped branches or nice stones and find a way to display them in your room. Pictured here, we see a wooden room with part of a tree reaching up to the top of the middle part of the ceiling. Nature inspired decoration evokes a fresh and natural feel in the bedroom. 

Decorate your walls in a soothing and cheerful tone

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Decorate your walls in a soothing and cheerful tone by adding wallpaper with a floral motif and pastel colors as pictured here. If the floral motif is too feminine for you, then perhaps some other patterns or graphics will suit your taste better. You can also use wallpaper murals or wall decals and wall tattoos to decorate your walls accordingly. This cheerful bedroom is designed by Leivars, interior designers and decorators based in Brighton, United Kingdom. 

Add soft furnishings including a light colored curtain

Add soft furnishings including a light colored curtain to create a warm and cozy bedroom that will feel like spring in the winter. Pictured here, we see a white curtain made of a very light, sheer material which allows plenty of natural light in the bedroom, making it brighter and more cheerful. 

Bright lighting

Bright lighting is essential to prevent SAD or seasonal affective disorder, which is a type of depression that usually happens during winter. The fewer hours of sunlight during winter affects us psychologically, and a simple thing like bright lighting can help a lot. Browse through lighting designs here on homify for more inspiration and ideas. 

Add flowers and plants

Add flowers and plants to your bedroom to give it a spring feeling during winter. Flowers and plants can add vibrant colours and good vibrations to your bedroom. Although the flowers and trees have withered away for the winter, in your bedroom it can still be spring in full bloom with indoor plants. If you're looking for plants that are easy to maintain and don't need much care, try to get a cactus, cacti can have flowers with bright colours too sometimes. 

Use spring colours as a theme

Use spring colours as a theme for your bedroom to get rid of the winter blues. The colours of spring are the colours of plants and flowers blooming, so think green, pink, purple, yellow, and so on. We hope you have found some good ideas for your bedroom here to combat the winter blues. For more related ideas and inspiration, have a look at these bedroom decoration ideas will beat the autumn blues

Which idea do you like best? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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