12 Vastu principles that will improve your home

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Vastu shastra seeks to attract positive energy to a home to bring peace, prosperity and happiness. It not only deals with the direction, position and design of a room, but also suggests remedies such as colours or decorative elements that can be used to balance the space. The result of using Vastu is a harmonious home that is tranquil and attracts wealth and prosperity for the family. Some of these remedies are not complicated and can be followed without investing a lot of money. If you are looking at decorating your home using Vastu Shastra, this article will help you.

​1. Illuminated entrance

It’s ideal that your home’s entrance faces the east so that it can absorb the maximum energy from the sun. If this is not possible, ensure that the home gets a lot of sunlight. How can you achieve this? It’s as simple as placing a window in the eastern wall of the home’s entrance.

2. Rest assured

Sleep is important to everyone, and the location of the bed has a lot to do with the quality of sleep that one gets. Ensure that your head doesn’t point towards the north when you place the bed in your room.

3. Flowing water to attract positive energy

Water fountains, aquariums and other water elements in the home preferably should be in the north east to attract wealth and to activate positive energy.

4. Plants to inspire peace and prosperity

According to Vastu, plants play an important role in energizing our surroundings. However, certain plants are considered inauspicious. Bamboos and lilies are recommended. Avoid having cactus or other thorny plants inside the house.

5. Stove in the east

The ideal location for the kitchen is in the south east. If this isn’t possible, then north west is the next best option. The stove should be placed so that you face east when you cook.

6. Do not obstruct passages

Avoid placing furniture and tables in a layout that blocks the transit space. Keep sufficient space for walking through, like in this image.

7. Exposed beams are not an option

Exposed beams block the flow of positive energy. They can affect the health of a person, if the beam is over a bed. In a living room, it affects the potential for attracting wealth. It’s recommended to cover up exposed beams using a false ceiling.

8. Warm and subtle tones

Colours affect the energy in a home. Since the ideal home should have a soothing and welcoming feel, choose colours that bring warmth and tranquility. It’s all right to experiment with dark or bold tones, so long as they don’t dominate the space.

9. Rectangular furniture

The best shapes for furniture in the home are rectangular and square pieces.  Irregular shaped furniture is not ideal.

10. Clean doors and windows

Dirt and clutter prevent positive energy from coming into the home. Keep your doors and windows clean to increase the flow of wealth into your home.

11. Doors should be opened fully

Avoid placing anything that obstructs a door from being opened fully. This is especially important for the main door.

12. Regular shaped rooms

Rooms with irregular layouts result in blocking your success, whereas those with square or rectangular layouts help to maintain a balance that brings prosperity. When you are building a home, choose square or rectangular rooms.

For more tips on using Vastu for your home, see this ideabook.

Do you have any other easy Vastu tips to share? Respond in the comments.

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