20 wooden cabinets that you will love for your home

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The wardrobes and closets that we have in our houses are more important than we think. Over time, we begin to realize their importance as they help us to sort and organize everything that we accumulate.

When we are young, cabinets seem like secondary pieces, but the reality is that having a home with large cabinets can be a real blessing.

Remember that when we initially move into a home, we buy things that look good, but may not necessarily help us in the long run in terms of space utilization. To give you a better idea about how to choose a functional and good-looking wardrobe, we have selected 20 styles of cabinets that you will love to have in your home. 

Browse through the images to find varied sizes, styles and materials, and choose your preferred one.

​1. Dark wood

Dark wood is always an elegant and versatile choice, although it is preferable to emphasize it with natural and artificial light to avoid making the area look too dark.

2. Wood and more wood

Wood is a material that we never tire of. In this case, it’s the undisputed protagonist of the room, especially in the closet area, including on the doors of the higher cabinets.

​3. To enjoy the space around the window

A cabinet that is built after accounting for the window that is in the middle of the space, can be used to emphasize the window. It acts as a bench and has drawer at the bottom.

4. ​White

White is also a recurring color for cabinets. In this case, the cabinet is divided into two parts: one open section with shelves to store accessories or smaller items, and the other – modular cupboards with doors.

5. ​Mirrored coating

If your closet is in the hallway or in a small room, you have the option of coating it with mirrors to make the room look more spacious. In addition, it is very discreet and the cabinet doors are almost unnoticed.

​6. Interleaved mirrors

If you are not convinced about having full-length mirrors on the cabinet doors, you can opt for an interleaved design like this one. Mirror and white, mirror with wood, mirror and glass… any combination looks good.

7. On the other side of the bathroom

This closet is almost unnoticed on the other side of  the bathroom. We see it, in the background, completely open, with rods, boxes and baskets for better organization.

8. ​Elegant and narrow

Lighting, reflective materials and white are great allies of small or narrow spaces like the one in this image. Besides, it looks very elegant. Don’t you think?

9. ​Homogeneous

A large white cupboard designed along the corner wall is discreet and homogeneous. Halogen lights built into the ceiling are the only highlight needed to make the space more functional.

​10. Transparent

A daring model, this closet has glass doors through which you can see all the clothes. It is placed along the corridor in an open and sophisticated style.

11. ​The most classic

This crafted wood cabinet is ideal for lovers of the classic style. The carved wood creates an antique feel.

12. ​A thousand drawers!

A white cabinet with black handles that reaches up to the ceiling takes advantage of every inch of the vertical space. It’s a modern and fun proposal.

13. ​White and glass

This cabinet, although not too large, is one of the most functional on our list. Made with white and glass, it has space for everything: shoes, accessories and home linen, among other things.

14. ​Open design in white and wood

By introducing open shelves within an enclosed space, this closet has a style that blends the classic and the modern. We love the glossy finish of the wood.

15. ​The importance of extras

The accessories that complement the closet are also very important. In this case, it comes complete with a Charles & Ray Eames chair, as well as a floor-standing, full-length mirror.

16. ​Doors that are not what they seem

The decorative doors chosen for this cabinet makes it look like a wall panel rather than a cupboard. When you look carefully, you’ll notice that it has sliding doors behind which lie a fully-organized interior with different compartments.

17. ​Like a clothing store

Here's an example of how to organize a completely open closet. The disadvantage? We must be aware that order and cleanliness is a must for this design that leaves nothing to the imagination.

18. ​Tailored to take advantage of inclined spaces

If you have unused space in areas like the attic or under the staircase, why not put in a custom-made closet? In this case, the space is used to embed cabinets with rods, drawers and shelves.

19. ​Original layout

The configuration of this cabinet is unique. Due to the space being asymmetrical and having a narrow aisle on the left, the furniture had to adapt to it.

20. ​With space for small details

We end this book of ideas with a wardrobe area designed for those who love to collect things and arrange them so that the treasured objects, whether it’s handbags or perfume bottles, have a place of their own.

See 6 decorative wardrobe ideas for more cabinet inspiration.

Which of these designs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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