Tips to pick the perfect bed to enjoy your dreams

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A good bed is one of the most important buys for a home. A comfy bed ensures a good nights sleep, sweet dreams and lots of energy to take on the next day. Considering one spends one third of the day sleeping and effectively one third of one's life sleeping, a bed is something one should never compromise on. Here are 6 tips to pick the perfect bed for you, so that you never ever again wake up with a terrible back ache or after a restless sleep.

Bed in the middle of the wall

Aesthetically a bed looks best when placed in the middle of one of the walls of the room. According to Feng Shui too keeping the bed in the centre of the wall opposite or diagonal to the door but not in line with the door is the most ideal place for a bed in the room. This brings in maximum health, wealth and happiness to the one's sleeping on the bed. So position the bed the way this white bed designed by ROSA PURA HOME STORE has been placed.

How big a bed?

The next decision to tackle is what size of a bed to go for? This decision is based on two main things—how many people will be sleeping on the bed and how big or small is the room? If you are looking for a bed for a couple but the room is small opt for a queen size bed like this one. If there is a lot of space the two of you can opt for a four poster king size bed like this one.

The base of the bed

Another important thing to ensure is that your bed has a sturdy solid base. A lot of back problems are caused by a bed without a solid base. Be it a strong wooden base like this one, or a fixed leather base, or a base made of wood and foam, you can opt for a base in any material as long as it is flat and well built. Don't opt for a base which has ridges and grooves as this kind of a base it the worst for sleeping.

The mattress

A good mattress is another very important factor in getting a good night's sleep. There are many kinds of mattresses available in the market. The most popular among these are - a regular foam mattress which provides moderate support, a memory foam mattress which provides great support for sleep as it contours closely to the shape of the sleeper and a Latex foam mattress which uses latex foam as the support system in the upholstery layers.

Quilts & bedspreads

A good base and mattress is of no use if the bedspread and quilt don't make the person sleeping feel comfortable. Opt for soft bedsheets and pillow covers in pure cotton with a higher thread count or bedspreads made of cotton silk to feel pampered. A soft quilt made of wool or a quilt from Bengal made of layered sarees or even a Jaipuri quilt with Sanganeri prints on it can turn your bed into a comfortable retreat.

Pillows & cushions

Finally having the right kind of pillow makes or breaks your sleep and dreams. Just like the mattresses there many kinds of pillows available in the market. Be it a microbead pillow that offers hard support, down pillows known for their luxury like the European White Goose Down, or a Memory foam pillow that contours the head of the sleeper; there are various kinds of pillows and cushions in the market that meet various needs.

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