Boring living room? Update it easily with the following latest trends!

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
Maurizio Giovannoni Studio Scandinavian style living room
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The living room might be the place where you spend most of the time when home; maybe watching TV, entertaining guests or just lounging around reading your favorite book. It is most likely the place where you have guests and you would  like to make living room the most impressive one. If you are bored of its decor, there are easy tricks to give it a makeover following the latest trends in interior design. Consider toying with the furniture, accessories or even wall paint to keep it looking fresh and trendy. Changing trends call for updating the home decor too and fortunately time and budget are no longer constraints to renovate the living room and turn it into a sparkly new space. Follow these simple tips for inspiration.

A wall as personal accent

Signature wall is a trend that refuses to die down and for good reasons. Selecting one wall in the living room and accentuating it with dramatic paint, artwork or installations can be a perfect excuse to flaunt your personal design sensibilities. From quirky and rustic to elegant and contemporary, the signature wall can be a reflection of your personal style.

Adding a unique element

Want to add something unique to the living room? Try bright neon light installations like this on the wall. No one can not notice this dazzling display in yellow. Select the corner/wall carefully so that the natural light does not come on to it directly. A discreet corner like this one makes it good to use even during the day. Glamorous lights like these can add much needed glamour to evening parties.

Adding pastel highlights

When neutral and somber is the mood, adding few pastel highlights can instantly brighten up the room. Pastel touches are easy to incorporate through cushions, corner stools, artwork, rugs and other accessories. Pastel goes well with any light or neutral background and looks brilliant in an all white theme like this one.

Playing with colours and designs

Go bold with colors and designs and striking changes can be made to the boring living room. Vibrant wall painting like this one can completely transform the space from a dull and drab living room to one full of color and style. Eclectic colors and designs on furniture add such a unique touch.So do not hold back experimenting with colors and designs.

Green elements

It's difficult to go wrong with greens. Plants can liven up the atmosphere almost immediately with their calming presence. Choose from a multitude of variety, short, tall, big and small; there can be a space for a plant in any part of the room; be it the corner, on the window sill or right at the center table. 

More inspiring ideas on how to use plants indoors.

Interior decor of the house must be dynamic and should be renovated with time. Following the latest trends can help bring in fresh ideas and inspiration. Spending resources on the decor just once may not be the best idea as over the course of few months and years, zero change can become quite boring. So stay true your sense of personal style choices but refurbish in order to give a new look to your living room.

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