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​Photographing home interiors for renting purposes

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Are you preparing your house for sale or rent? In case you are, the first step these days is to make your house visible on the internet so that it reaches a maximum number of people. The most imperative part when putting this advertisement is having stunning pictures so it can convince potential customers to rent it. These pictures should be clear and impressive at the same time. They should also be totally in line with the actual scale and model of the house so that the customer gets the correct idea of the size of the house with the pictures itself. To help you take perfect pictures, we have an ideabook that will be your step-by-step guide as to how you can prepare your house for better and attractive pictures that can make a profound impression. Let’s start!

Prepare the house

After you have decided to rent the home, it is time to prepare the house for cleaning. This basically involves cleaning the rooms so that the real size is perfectly visible in pictures. First and foremost, get your kitchen cleaned. Make it absolutely spic and span not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. This includes cleaning the counter top, cabinets and even the sink. Next comes the living room and the dining room. Dry clean all your sofa-sets and armchairs, clean the curtains and coffee tables so that they add to the beautiful home décor. Also, in case you have many small collectibles and figurines, clean them too. When it comes to the dining table, clean the chairs, lay a bright and colourful table linen and also pamper the table with some high-end crockery. In case of bedrooms, make the bed, clean the closet and lay the clothes in a proper and organised manner. When it comes to bathrooms, clean the sanitary ware along with the mirrors, fittings and most importantly the bathtub. This bedroom design with stunning white interiors has been designed by Casas Cube, professional home builders in Spain. 

Basic equipment

When planning to take pictures of your house, there is a list of little basic equipment you need to have. This includes camera, tripod, high-end lenses, computer or laptop and some photo software.  You can easily set up the camera at proper angles and distance to focus on highlighting the most important features of the room. You can use different lenses to focus on big and small things. These lenses will also help you capture the whole room in one single frame. Again, the tripod will help you take the best still photographs that can be of great help in advertising. These pictures can then be transferred to the computer or a laptop and then be further beautified with the use of photo editing software.

Light up everything

Good pictures can be taken only with proper lighting. So, ensure that each and every room of the house is perfectly lit. This can either be natural light or artificial light in the form of tubes or LED lamps. Take pictures of glass windows, and doors. The pictures should be such that it gives a clear view of the type of windows, their size and even the opening mechanism. You should clean all the small lamps and can even take closer shots in case of a special lamp or feature. For dining rooms and living rooms, try to capture the statement lights or chandeliers, which play a highly impressive feature while deciding a house. Try to perfectly capture its shape, size and glow from different angles and lengths.

Tips to know

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are few other basic tips to take into consideration. These include taking care of the pets and clutter free space. Do not take pictures with your pets sitting on furniture or kitchen cabinets or even the bed. This way you lose the non-pet friendly customers. Also, do not take pictures of personalised items. These include photo frames, awards and certificates, kids wall hangings, posters of celebrities and many more. Try to capture plain and organic walls to make the viewer understand the real house and layout. You should also not capture your family members sitting in any of the rooms.

Don’t forget the exteriors

When advertising the house, exteriors play a major role too. There are many people who choose the house as per the locality and neighbourhood. These include green surroundings, a quiet neighbourhood or even the front view of the house. Many people are particular about the façade or the parking space available in the house. Therefore, they need to see the garage and front view of the house.  So take pictures of your front yard, back yard, garden or lawn and even of your façade. You may also like to capture the patio or porch area. In case you have a swimming pool, try to picture it as well. Apart from these, you should also capture the entrance doors and hallways. Try taking pictures both in daylight and dark. This gives a clear idea of effective lighting in the exteriors.

Hire a professional expert

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Hari C & Vanaja Residence

dd Architects

In case you are finding all of this really troublesome or painstaking, try going for an expert’s advice. He will help you deal with the technicalities and overcome them well. The experts will ask you what all features need to be covered and will themselves take pictures with their commercial and high-end cameras. They will also make use of technical software to further enhance and beautify the look of the house. He will also suggest which area to focus on, what lighting to choose and even what additions can be made to highlight few dull areas. We hope these tips will help you click better and impressive pictures of your house. Have a lady in your heart? How about impressing her with your home? This ideabook will help you do so : 7 ways to impress a woman with your home

So, how would you like to photograph the exteriors? Feel free to share what's on your mind in the comments below.
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