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15 ideas ways to place your television in your bedroom

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There is no better way to unwind and relax after a long day at work, than watching a series or movie from beneath your warm comforter on your cosy bed. Many of us like to carry our tele sets into our rooms. However, care needs to be taken when you integrate your bedroom with a television. You need to take into many factors such as distance, height, and of course aesthetics. Who would like to have cables hanging around? If you wish to integrate your television in your bedroom, we have a number of solutions you can put to use.

With these simple tips, you can integrate your favourite tele set, in your own personal space without hampering or messing the décor of the room. Read on for 15 ideas straight from the mouth of our popular architects !

1. Framed TV

If you like your room to look elegant, try this one! Frame your tele and it will look like master piece and entertain you till you fall asleep.

2. In the closet

If your bedroom is really small, and you do not have enough space on the wall, you can rely on your closet to harbour your TV. You get many ready-made concealed stands to carry your TV. And the addition of your television set on the mirrored doors will give your room a sophisticated feel, while also making it look more spacious.

3. On the wall, without panel

Use one of the walls in your room to maximise space and also smartly integrate your television in your bedroom. You can build shelves around it to use the wall to the fullest. Contact one of our professionals for a design that will suit your bedroom!

4. On a wooden panel

It is not just colour that can be used to highlight certain parts of your bedroom and create a welcoming ambience, you can also use wood to add to the beauty of your room. Add a wooden panel feature to the room and mount your television on it.

5. Beware of distance

Distance plays a crucial role in your viewing experience and also the aesthetics of your room. One meter above the height of the bed is ideal for enhanced viewing.

6. Integrated into the wall

There is no better way to integrate your TV in your bedroom, that neatly embedding it in the wall across your bed. There will be no loose hanging wires or cables if you embed it in the wall with a panel to hide them. This is hands down the most discreet and modern solution you can try.

7. On the side, but discreetly

It is not always possible to place your television right in front of the bed. In such cases, separate it from other objects on one side of the wall. Use brackets to let you swing your television to your viewing angle.

8. Bring colours and think of accessories

Do not be afraid to paint your room in colours.  Revise the TV wall with a bright and vibrant colour, such as blue or yellow. Not only does this look fab but also radiates a good aura. You can also add a compartment to place additional accessories, such as DVD players.

9. Flat TV without cables

If you plan on installing a television in your bedroom, buy a thin LED or LCD model. This will be ideal for a bedroom as it quite discrete. Use your creativity to hide the cables behind the set.

10. On top of a practical piece of furniture

If you have a long wall as in the picture, use it to place a modular furniture or rack that contains several storage pockets. This space will come in handy to stow away belongings and as a stand for your television.

11. As a framework

Use exceptional designs as in the example to seamlessly integrate your television in your room. The white outline gives your television a suitable background while also adding to the appeal of your bedroom.

12. Hang on the wall

For a more modern look choose a long wall of your room and hand your television set in the middle of it. To decorate the area, add plants and other funky curios.

13. Corner system

When there is not enough space on the front wall, use the corners of your room to your benefit. Mount your set on a bracket in the corner of your room and conceal the cables using the curtains.

14. As part of a shelf

This yet another really cool idea to include your television into your closet area. This shelf has several dividers, some can be used to store books and accessories and another section can be used to suspend your television. This ultra-chic design makes the room light and modern.

15. In a secret compartment

compact bar cum tv unit in bedroom Alaya D'decor Modern style bedroom Plywood Beige
Alaya D'decor

compact bar cum tv unit in bedroom

Alaya D'decor

With a little bit of ingenuity and some professional help, you can create a piece of furniture that is not only used to put the TV, but also to store everything you need. Impressive, ain’t it?

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Which of these ideas will you use to place your tele? Let us know in the comments below.
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