9 simple ideas to make your tiny bedroom look bigger

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Even a one fourth of a room with just a small bed and closet can be revamped to ooze comfort and depict your personality. Most owners keep small rooms rather drab, as they worry that adding details may make it look cramped. However, contrary to this belief, you can play with colours and objects in your room to make even the smallest of spaces very cosy.

The duo that never fails

This is yet another example of how mirrors and whites not only bring clarity and neatness to ant room, but also make it look more spacious and cosy at the same time.

With these simple tips, you can make even the smallest of bedrooms look really neat, chic and comfortable. Do read these simple tips to decorate your  dining room.


When you use light colours you can make your room look larger instantly. Light colours are truly visual expanders. You can add elements of white or any other light colour on your walls, ceilings and even floor. Go wild and experiment with whites for your carpet and other textiles in the room.

Highlighting elements

Though your room may have nothing more than a bed and closet, you may add decorative elements that highlight it without occupying way too much space. One such example is this beautiful design by Kris Bristot , where the wall by the bedside has a different colour and design and brings out the beauty of the room.

Functional sofa

Trade your traditional bed, for a sofa bed. This piece of furniture can add brightness and utility to your room. Use it by the day to work or read a book, and open it up at night, when you are ready to crash. Throw in some colourful pillows, and voila, you have a room full of life!

Power mirrors

Do we need to tell you what mirrors can do to a room? When you line a wall with mirrors, you instantly make the space look more clear and big. However, it is important to locate the central wall and line it from end to end for a dramatic look.

Lighting is the key

Sometimes, all you need is the right lighting to transform the way your room looks. With the right kind of lighting you can make the most gloomy room bright and inviting. Transform your one quarter room into a cozy haven, by lighting up your room. Throw in a white light lamp on the ceiling, and use curtain textiles that let sunlight in, for a nice and airy look.

The header as a decorative element

Go bold and experiment with the head of your bed. It is this part of the bed that takes up quite a lot of space in a small room. So, use the header to add personality to your personal space. You can make it padded, wooden, or a headboard with shelves for books… the possibilities are endless!

Take advantage of vertical

When space is a constraint, go from classical cabinets to mounted one. Redo the woodwork in your room and build cabinets above your head. This will free space on the floor and even allow you to add a bedside table or desk.

Activate your creative side!

Most of us go plain and drab when we organise furniture in our houses. Break the rules and unleash your creativity. What you need to do is add perspective to the way you decorate your room. Keep utility and design in mind and feel free to move the furniture around to make your room look more attractive without being cramped.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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