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Create an ecological garden for your home

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Gardening has been one of the most common hobbies. This may involve taking care of a small front garden or a big lawn. However, the most important thing is restoring balance with nature and soil so that your hobby might not disturb the ecological set up. To ensure the aforementioned, “Ecological Garden’ have been the talk of the town lately. It is the new and sustainable form of gardening that is a cool blend of science and art. The whole aim of this type of gardening is to maximise the soil’s nutrients along with maximising the production of plants, vegetable and flowers. An ecological garden is possible for a normal garden and also for small herbal and spice gardens. It is highly organic and does not need any fertiliser or artificial chemicals for growth. Have a look!

No chemicals

Ecological gardening is done without the use of any chemicals. Usually, this thing is hard to believe, but yes, it is possible to grow plants without any artificial ingredient. The soil itself is rich with so many nutrients and minerals that there is absolutely no need of any other material. All elements are present in the soil in well-defined quantities. Proper care can make plants absorb all these minerals to have a healthy and sustainable growth. Try using natural fertilisers made from compost and biological insects. You may as well use peels of fruits and vegetables to either make compost or use it as is to give a natural booster to the plants and the soil.


Hedges are not limited to ecological gardening. They are needed with any and every type of garden that is built at a residential level. Hedges are not only a source of protection or demarcation. They can very well serve to be a bright and colourful accessory in your garden. Try going for hedges that are either in contrast or in line with your garden plants and flowers. Lightly coloured hedges look perfect in the green garden. The one shown in the picture above has been designed by Gregor-Design, Garden and Landscape designers from Germany. In case of a country style or classic style garden, you may as well choose those traditional white hedges made of thick logs of wood. The size of the hedges should be decided as per the size and layout of the garden.


To maintain the perfect balance with the environment, a pond or water body is a must in the garden. This feature can be set up according to the space and layout of your garden. In case it is a small space, you may go for a free standing fountain or a portable water body that can fit in any corner. On the contrary, if you are blessed with space, make maximum use of it by making a scenic water body all around the plants. This feature will also help in rainwater harvesting process and will keep the garden and house much cooler. Another advantage of the pond is it attracts many birds and insects. This makes the garden more eco friendly and exudes a perfect natural look.

Local plants

To design any garden, the first step is to look out for local plants. These plants are chosen as per the weather and local conditions in your locality. You should be sure about the different seasons, amount of rain, snowfall and even the local insects and pests. All these factors will help you decide the best plants for your garden. In case you are not sure about the above points, you can hire an expert and take help from him. He will advise you perfectly about seasonal and perennial plants. He will also suggest the perfect combination of plants that will not deprive the soil of its nutrients. Instead will help it grow along with the plants. Information about local plants will also help you decide the layout of the garden in terms of position and placement of the plants.


Composter is the new thing that not only helps in organic gardening but also makes good use of your kitchen trash. Composting is the process of recycling organic material. This includes, peels of fruits, vegetables, left over food items to name a few. So basically all your kitchen trash can be recycled and reused in the growth of plants. How amazing is that! Composters are basically the airtight bins that help carry out this process. These can either be placed under the sink of the kitchen or outside. Once you see a liquid developing inside the composter, you may transfer it to your garden to enrich the soil with earthy and organic minerals. The size and shape of the composter can be decide as per the size of the garden and kitchen waste. You may install a small corner in your garden for this noble deed.

Vegetable garden

Organic food items have been the recent fad. Most people have already shifted to only organic consumption. This is because they want to keep chemicals and fertilisers at bay. But why to buy such expensive food items, when you can grow them right in front of you? A vegetable garden can be easily grown either in your front yard or back yard. You may choose vegetables as per the season or as per the locality. The weather conditions too play a highly important part in designing of a vegetable garden. Choose the vegetables that require minimum maintenance but will help the environment and the soil. From tomatoes, to egg plants to even fruits like cherries and strawberries, everything can be grown in a small ecological garden.

Herbal garden

Just like a vegetable garden, a spice garden or herbal garden can also be created in your residential land. This includes plantation and growth of various vegetable greens like mint, coriander, spinach, sage and even thyme. The herb garden also involves growth of white and black pepper and even cardamom. In case you are blessed with space, you may go for coffee and oregano plantation as well. All these items can initially be grown in planters and then can be transferred to the ground with effective maintenance.

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