Rose Quartz colour: 8 fantastic ideas for your home!

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The interest and buzz around Pantone’s rose tone has now become so popular that it has been declared as 2016’s colour of the year. Many designers are gravitating towards a happy sunny colour palette and disconnecting from technology inspired colours like greys and blacks. Rose and quartz together represent serenity as the warmth of rose meets the tranquility of the blue quartz to form Pantone quartz. This colour has been able to transcend gender differences and several designers have used this soothing tone for their spring collection that encompasses compassion and composure.  

The Pantone rose quartz tone has always been a part of makeup kits and is now being used in bed linen, porcelain dishware and furniture along with fashion garments and eyewear. As the tone is a very pale pink Pantone Rose Quartz is also suited for walls of a nursery and the bedroom to give a soothing hue. Muted hues of Rose quartz can also be used in easy armchairs around the house for retro vibes and serenity.

Choose similar shades of rose quartz

Sometimes a light pink shade like rose quartz on the outside walls may seem a little too feminine for house-owners but they would still like to retain some part of it in their lives. In such circumstances they can opt for this shade which is a darker tone of Pantone’s rose quartz. The pathway from gate to the front door along the lawn is paved in stone to keep out the grass. Built on two levels with dark window frames and a dark wooden door this house is a visual delight.

Small rows of flower plants along the pathway and lawn line the home, enhancing its borders. The house has been given a darker hue of pink quartz as the house next to it has the same tone, if not both would look very similar. Wall scone lights all around the walls of the house create a magical effect at night as they glow like star lights.

On the exterior walls

Exterior walls of a home and its façade set the tone for its interiors and tell onlookers about the likely layout and beauty of its interiors. People that think home exteriors should always be rough and dark coloured to be weather proof would be taken aback  to see these pale soft toned rose quartz coloured exterior walls. The black tiled roof brings a beautiful contrast to the pantone rose quartz shade exterior walls of the country style house and enhance  its beauty manifold.

A wide stone pathway from the gate to the door and garage clearly define the driveway and give the building a smart appearance. Instead of the standard square windows this house has long rectangular windows facing the driveway with dark oak doors on the front veranda.  A garage on the left side with a dark brown roof is open on all sides while the border of all the windows and doors also have dark borders.

In the bedroom

Need a neat idea to decorate a little girl’s room with limited space at your disposal? Then why not give the nursery a unique makeover with pantone rose quartz colour that will be girl like without being too overt. The space in this small loft is very limited with but a neat cave like canopy is created when it is completely painted in pink and a triangular window frame is fixed to give a panoramic effect to the room.

Deep square cabinets are perfect for storing essentials that the child might need and the bed filled with tiny cushions is perfect for a little girl. To retain the pale pink colour palette of the room even the floor has been carpeted in pink and a neat baby rocking chair with cushions is the only furniture in the room. Being so close to the roof, the room is likely to become very cold during winters so the decorators have fitted a radiator to the wall.

Soft rose quartz accents on textiles

The best feature of this pantone rose quartz tone is its soft appearance and ability to blend into any other colour while retaining its individuality. It is now widely used in furnishings and linen for bedrooms and living rooms to give a touch of finesse and class to the house. This simple bedroom decorated with pantone rose quartz, has accentuated furnishings designed by Cabbage and Roses. The rustic furniture gets an ethereal look with the soft rose color.

Though the simplistic room with light grey walls and grey toned furniture has a shabby chic appearance it gets a romantic hue with pale rose curtains and pillow covers that make a pretty contrast against white bed linen. The combination shows how even ordinary furniture can look sophisticated with the right furnishings.

Rose quartz arm chairs

If a bedroom is shared by two individuals that may not appreciate pink with the same dedication, then it is best to take the middle path and make a mix of two colours like in this room. The overall colour palette of the room is a mix of whites and Pantone rose quartz blended together to give a soothing touch to the environment. The lovely light shade of pink on the sofa brings glamour and femininity as the upholstery is pink while the frame is white.

To retain the elegance and colour theme of the room window draperies are in mixed tones of white and pink, with white muslin curtain protecting the pink heavy curtains from sunlight. Designed in minimalist style the beds are pure white with pink bed linen in one while other has white. A couple of the room’s walls are in a faded colour of pink while other walls and roof are painted in white.

Pantone rose flowers

Gardens are a vital part of every country home and spring is the best season for flowers of every hue and tone to grace the countryside. With a huge property like this, each season gardeners can try-out new plantation methods and flowering techniques that can help to keep the garden blooming across the year. This vast countryside garden has been set up in a lavish manner with gentle green bushes along the boundary-line and fruit trees across the property.

To enhance the beauty of this garden there is a large pond at the edge with a rustic wooden bridge and stones lining the borders. Thick bushes of bougainvillea and asters in pantone’s rose quartz colour surround the little pond. Intermixed with green and white flowers the soft rose colored bushes appear like a pink and white carpet of flowers from a distance. A wide stone arbor in the corner of this garden adds a touch of classic elegance.

Mixing it with other colours

Having a single colour palette in the room can get boring so you need to make the right mix so that all colours that are part of the mix get highlighted without getting overwhelmed by each other. As the primary colour, pantone rose quartz is very light, other colours selected for the mix should either be of a heavy contrast shade or be of a similar light shade. In this living room and dining area white and very light shades of grey and blue have been used to bring colour and brightness into the room. Large white seasonal flowers on the breakfast bar maybe in contrast to the subtle pink hue of the room but they are in sync with bar stools around the breakfast area.

Floor tiles have light pink patterns on them and are surrounded by black square motifs. Golden coloured curtain rods add an air of extravagant luxury to the pale toned room as the display case and cupboard on the side are all in the light pink shade. For more ideas on giving unique design twists to your home read through this interesting ideabook.

Rose quartz living room

wallpaper, U2 U2 Scandinavian style walls & floors Wallpaper

Living room layout and decor are a reflection of the house-owner’s taste for finer things in life. Heavy furniture, snazzy lighting and hi-tech electronic equipment enhance the decor of a living room but if not done tastefully it can make the heavy furniture appear like an overkill. In this tastefully decorated living room the massive television dominates the space but the creative chandelier with large egg shaped light bulbs set in a metal frame balances the gadget. The furniture comprising of low level sofas in similar light rose quartz tone is balanced with white lacy curtains and white framed windows. Though people usually consider pink to be a girly colour as it is the favorite of young girls, this Pantone rose quartz colour which is a very pale shade of pink gives a subtle finesse to this delightful living room.

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