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A kids bedroom is a slightly different space than a conventional bedroom. Most of the times, we make the mistake of treating it in a way similar to an adults bedroom. However, with the right ideas, it is not difficult to design a space that your kid would love to live in and look back at fondly when he grows up.

A kids bedroom generally has furniture with different ergonomics as well as a slightly but not overly colorful visual palette. Many times, you can also creatively design furniture that resembles their favorite car or superhero. Do you wish to know more about how it is done? Read on further…

1. With a backdrop of pink

Built for their younger daughter, this bedroom is adorned with lovely shades of pink, gray and white. The large window ensures adequate sunlight in the space while the beautifully designed storage areas provide ample of space for study related equipment.

The room from the other side

Check out the creative storage partition!

2. Varying textures

Built for a slightly older child, this bedroom features a nice blue backdrop with ample of space to store books and other study materials. The study table located next to the window looks sleek as well as is provided with a nice seating ledge for added comfort. Further, we also loved how the wall textures were employed to add some playfulness to the space and not make it entirely boring

3. The garden theme

Built with a garden theme, this bedroom is adorned with colors and textures that would remind the kid of being in a beautiful park. The color combination of green, orange and white along with the light fixtures look particularly appealing while the wall textures provide a very interesting backdrop to the entire setting. 

4. A bedroom with interesting light fixtures

This bedroom is designed with an interesting color palette and utilizes wood as a dominant visual element. Apart from the other elements in the house, two things caught our attention the most: the lovely full height curtain with polka dots and the interesting manequin with light fixtures.

5. For the outgoing teen

This bedroom was designed keeping in mind that it would be occupied by a very outgoing teen. The bright yellow shades, dynamic wall textures, and crafty light fixtures make sure that the space looks energetic and suits the personality of the user.

6. A bedroom with good storage space

This bedroom is relatively smaller in size than other bedrooms in this series. As a result, the architects had to pay extra attention to the storage areas in this space. Apart from the storage ideas, the architects were also conscious with the color palette in order to make it not only functional but also appealing to the user. 

7. A space with excellent wall textures

Sometimes, all that is needed is one smart visual element rather than a host of elements. The architects in this space have relied upon the wonderful wall texture to give that peppy touch to the entire bedroom.

8. The beauty of mirrors

As we have shown it numerous times in our other articles, mirrors, when installed correctly, can completely transform the look of your space. This space too benefits from a larger than actual feel thanks to the full height mirrors installed on the wardrobe shutters

9. Young but classy

This bedroom is a testament to the fact that a kids bedroom need not always be colorful or textured to be interesting. With a sleek pink themed wallpaper and some well-designed furniture, this space looks very appealing and provides the user with all the space to enjoy as well as store the large inventory study related equipment.

10. For the one with extra energy

Built for a young kid with lots of energy, this bedroom provides a setting in which he can completely channelize his energy. The sleek setting of the study table, storage spaces, and especially the vertical net allows the user a space in which he can be the most comfortable in.

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