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7 Things to Consider When Buying an Aquarium

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Having an aquarium in your house is a great way to bring focus to an area, but there are far more benefits of having an aquarium in the house besides the aesthetic ones. Studies have shown that by having an aquarium in your home, and spending just a few minutes a day watching the fish peacefully swimming about can reduce your stress levels and decrease anxiety. Before running out and buying an aquarium to help your stress levels it is important to consider the practical aspects of introducing an aquarium into your home; Where will you put it? What size will it be? What sort of fish are you looking for? What budget do you have? When these important decisions have been made the next step in the process of buying an aquarium is to write a checklist of what you will need. This of course will depend on the size and type of aquarium you have chosen. homify has found the 7 most important things to consider when buying an aquarium.

Beauty & Calmness

 Living room by Aquarium Architecture
Aquarium Architecture

Aquarium in the city

Aquarium Architecture

The health benefits of having an aquarium are becoming more widely known. As well as the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, aquariums have several other health benefits. These benefits are not just for the adults in the house. Studies have revealed that the presence of an aquarium can calm children. They also spark the interest in a child. Children are naturally curious and will be drawn to the fish and their environment. Alzheimer patients have also been known to show less aggression and eat more when they spend time near an aquarium. An aquarium near your bed has been linked to improved sleep. As an aquarium has been known to reduce stress levels and encourage calmness it makes sense that it will aid a peaceful sleep. Consider an aquarium in the bedroom for a good nights sleep.


 Living room by DC Aquariums
DC Aquariums

Aquarium in wall North Queens Ferry

DC Aquariums

The cost of maintaining an aquarium may be very little, although the cost of setting it up is significantly more. There are many little items that you do not consider when you decide to buy an aquarium. You may be tempted to buy a kit, which includes everything you need to set up a simple aquarium, but there are more expenses involved. It is not just the tank, fish and gravel that makes up an aquarium, there are many more items such as a stand, lighting, water heaters, water filter, thermometer and plants to name a few. When taking these extra costs into account, starting an aquarium can be a costly activity. A fully set up aquarium can cost from $200 to many thousands of dollars, depending on the size and type of aquarium.

A lot of work?

 Gastronomy by Aquarium Architecture
Aquarium Architecture

Exotic Thai Restaurant

Aquarium Architecture

When the decision has been made to purchase an aquarium, there is considerable work involved with setting it up as well as the ongoing work of maintenance. The majority of this work will be spent on setting up the aquarium. Start with choosing a fish tank. These come in many sizes depending on the position where you want it. The next step is installing the filter and add the gravel to the bottom of the tank. Its now time to set up the heater. Follow the instructions on the box. Arrange plants and decorations in the tank. This is where you can be creative. Next add water to the tank looking for leaks for potential problems with the tank. Add a water dechlorinator to get rid of chemicals in the water. Once the water has been tested, it is now time to add the fish. Consult your aquarium fish specialist for the best way to introduce fish to a new tank.

Where to Place an Aquarium?

 Gym by Aquarium Services
Aquarium Services

Hotel aquarium

Aquarium Services

The positioning of an aquarium is just as important as the choice of tank or the fish that will live in it. There are a number of considerations to make when choosing a location for the aquarium. What position will allow you to spend quality time admiring your fish? Consider also a convenient location for the maintenance of the aquarium. Will the positon chosen be convenient when feeding, or changing the water in the tank? Will you place you tank near a window? The sunlight streaming through the water can creative an attractive effect in the room, but it can also create problems. Sunlight on an aquarium can alter the water temperature and increase the algae growth. These are some important considerations to make before choosing the location of a tank.

Shapes & Sizes

 Corridor & hallway by AquariumGroup

Under Stairs Aquarium


Modern aquariums come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. They come in sizes large enough to swim in, or so small it can fit into the palm of your hand. Aquariums are also available in a huge number of shapes. There are standard aquarium sizes for the budget minded enthusiast or they can also be made to order; to fit a particular space in your home. This amazing under stairs aquarium is a great example of a custom made aquarium. Space underneath stairs if often under-utilised  This aquarium is a great way to bring attention and a focus to this space. It is also a great way to bring a sense of calmness to an area. On a busy morning, as you dash out to door to work, the aquarium is a constant reminder to stop and breathe. This clever aquarium has been made by Aquarium Group. 

Tips When Buying an Aquarium

 Living room by Aquarium Architecture
Aquarium Architecture

Floating Aquarium London

Aquarium Architecture

There are many important decisions to be made when deciding to buy an aquarium. Although there are many other considerations that are not thought of until the set up process is underway. Having clean water is essential for an aquarium. This is not done automatically, it takes time, equipment and patience. It also takes quite a bit of equipment. This can include a filtration kit, UV sterilizers, test kits and miscellaneous chemicals. Another important consideration to make is in the choice of fish. When choosing fish consider how large they will grow, what special requirements it may have and will they get along with other fish you intend to purchase. This amazing aquarium has been made by Aquarium Architecture.  

New Trends

 Kitchen by AquariumGroup

Through Wall Kitchen Splashback Aquarium


One of the biggest new trends in aquariums is the surge in popularity of nano aquariums. A nano aquarium is a tank in which invertebrates {most often coral} and fish are housed together. The nano aquarium is smaller than a normal aquarium with an upper limit of 30 gallons, although the average size is much smaller. They can even be as small as 5 gallons.  Nano aquariums can be a great way to start in the world of aquariums as they are cheaper than larger aquariums, they take up less space, and the maintenance is easier due to the size. If you are considering getting an aquarium, it may be worth investigating the nano aquarium option first.

Aquariums are a great addition to any house. They provide a host of benefits. The health benefits of a decrease in stress and anxiety are well documented. They can also be beneficial to children, sparking their curiosity and interest and calming their hyperactive energy. Before taking the big leap into aquarium ownership consider what sort of aquarium will be best for your house, the best location to keep it and the sort of fish you would like to keep. It is important to keep in mind the costs and work involved in setting up and maintaining an aquarium. Although once your beautiful aquarium has been set up, you can sit back and enjoy the serenity of your own personal piece of ocean. For more aquarium inspiration see DC Aquariums.

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