How to build an inner garden at my home

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Those who do not have a garden, or cannot afford to setup one do not have to be disappointed. The inner gardens may not be the perfect alternative to the actual backyard garden, but they are definitely a great choice to bring the homeowners closer to the nature. Even if the space is a constraint, there are many innovative ideas to help setup the inner garden at an affordable price. An inner garden does not only lend the natural appeal to the interiors, if planned out well, it could be one of the most significant parts of the home decor. Here are some of the important aspects of the interior garden that will inspire the homeowners.

Vertical Gardens for Small Rooms

When space is a constraint inside a small room, vertical gardens become the perfect choice for growing plants and flowers. Vertical garden can be set up in various styles and a room can have more than one of it. With little improvisation, beautiful vertical gardens can be created without spending a lot of money. For example, soil can be stuffed in the tiffin boxes picked from the kitchen and the seeds or plants can be planted in it. To hang these boxes, one can mount the wooden plank with hooks on the walls. It will look naturally beautiful. The other idea is to plant moss and fern inside a wooden frame and then hang the frame on the wall. There are many other innovative ideas that can be used to create vertical gardens. Plastic soda bottles cut out from the side, cloth pouches, wall planters, picture planters, and iron stand with vase holders are some of the unique ideas to install vertical gardens in the small rooms.


When it comes to choosing the furniture for the inner garden, the choices are galore. Rattan baskets, straw baskets, iron table, wheeled baskets, multiples planters, grape storing crates, and copper bowls are some of the furniture items that can be effectively used to create the garden interior design. Basket with fitted wheels can be used to plant several small plants. It can be repositioned easily to complement the room decor. Grape storing crates are perfect for planting relatively larger plants inside the house. As these crates are taller and offer more depth, they can withstand the weight of bigger plants.  Round copper bowls with ancient cloisonné artwork can house some beautiful plants and add beauty to the space. Iron table or sculptor stand can be used to keep the small potted plants.

Lights and Illumination

No garden interior design is complete without proper lighting and illumination. Lots of lighting choices are available to match the personal preferences and styles of the homeowners. Round rattan lampshades hanging right above the inner garden taking the central space will create a wonderful focal point for the onlookers. A candelabrum with electrically illuminated candles, featuring multiple colours, right in the middle of the inner garden will create an outstanding visual effect. The dimmers can be used to control the light intensity to match the mood. Miniature lampposts with down-lights placed symmetrically or randomly (owner’s choice) elegantly illuminate the garden. The vertical gardens create a fabulous focal point and look the best with moonlighting from the above.

Choosing the Right Plants

The right choice of the plants for the garden interior design can make all the difference. A very common mistake people make while choosing the indoor plants is that they pick the plants that are not suited for the non-natural or low-light conditions offered by the room. Shade tolerance is an important factor to consider while picking the plant for the inner garden. The plants with large and dark-green leave have a better chance of thriving in the low-light conditions as their photosynthesis process is better than the others. Aglaonema (Chinese lucky plant), Zanzibar gem, kentia palm, lady palm, cast iron plant, and peace lily are some of the plants that can easily withstand the low-light conditions even when they are deprived of the natural light. For the space with brighter lights (not necessarily natural), tropical plants with patterned or coloured leaves, which survive in the blotched sun conditions, would be a good choice. Prayer plant, bromeliads, and zebra plants are some of the examples.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are a perfect choice for the garden interior design in the small (and even large) spaces. A number of hanging planters or baskets are available in the market in different materials. For example, to lend a rather earthy and natural feel to the inner garden, woven wicker baskets can be used. To give a little modern touch to the natural look, one can choose the wire framed woven baskets too. The cheap plastic hanging planters may steal the elegance from the inner garden. However, planters made of high-grade plastic in various colours can instantly up the style statement with the contemporary touch. The size of the planter plays an important role. Too small a planter for the plant will require regular pruning and watering. Bigger planters retain more water and hence require less maintenance. But the space inhibited area may look crammed with larger planters. It is all about finding the middle ground.

Recycling Elements

Using the recycling elements appropriately is not only eco-friendly and cost effective, but it can also look visually appealing. For instance, soda bottles can be cut around the base for the small potted plants. Some holes must be punched in the bottom for drainage. These small pots can be wrapped with colourful cellophane paper or patterned, waterproof fabric to give a beautiful look. A number of other things can be recycled to create pots for inner garden including unused fish bowls, plastic mugs, cloth pouches, and more. 

Those who do not have a luxury of a garden adjoining their house can still enjoy the greenery and nature right inside their home. Inner gardens are perfect for those who want to create a small green space in the house. There are many colourful and vibrant plants and flowers and a number of innovative ways to setup a perfect inner garden.

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