11 kitchen laminate ideas you will love

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There are countless types of materials that you can use for the kitchen, and it’s good to know the various options. The prices vary depending upon the material. Today, we want to review laminates that are used commonly in kitchens. What does the material consist of? What is its recommended use? For this, we have selected designs from professional architects and designers as well as manufacturers who are a part of the homify family.

Let us learn and enjoy getting to know this material and how it is used to make kitchens happy places.

​1. Contemporary laminate kitchen

A laminate kitchen has a very simple manufacturing process compared to a wooden kitchen or a lacquered one.

2. High pressure laminates vs. ordinary laminates

High pressure laminates or laminates, are perfect for covering doors and other surfaces. They comprise a decorative sheet composed of several layers of treated paper. Covering a surface with a laminate results in a beautiful finish like the one you see in this design. Fifty years ago, housewives wanted Formica in their kitchens, which was at that time and still is the best-known brand and a leader in manufacturing ordinary laminates. However, nowadays, high pressure laminates are preferred. They come in extraordinary designs are not too bright – excellent for those looking for a matte finish.

3. Derivatives of wood

Known as artificial wood, this type of laminate is derived from wood. It is manufactured using wood as the raw material. It is also called plywood and is made of three or more layers of thin sheets of wood glued together, so that the adjacent sheets have the fibers in perpendicular directions to increase their strength and flexibility. It is less expensive than natural wood, and can be purchased in a variety of sizes and thickness.

4. Another look at wooden laminates

This stylish laminate is made of artificial wood and matches the natural granite counter top on the central island countertop. The natural light falling on its surface adds to the splendor of the kitchen.

5. Low pressure Melamine or laminates

Melamine or low pressure laminates are agglomerate doors coated with a decorative paper that melts on both sides, creating a pore-free surface. It can be smooth or printed to resemble wood or other material.

6. Medium pressure or thermo-structured laminates

Thermo-structured laminates have the appearance of wood. They are also called medium pressure laminates and have a rough texture, which is obtained by pressing it on previously laminated material. They look natural, are very economical and have moderately matte finishes.

7. Granite countertops and luxury finishes

Technology allows the reproduction of laminates in colors and finishes that have the appearance of natural wood with veins running through the surface.

8. Whatever the material, it’s highlighted better with lighting

9. Then there are polylaminates that are pasted on board

Polylaminates adhere to board, covering both the front and the edges. Its elasticity allows it to adapt to any shape previously given to the board. It comes in solid colors or wood look-alikes.

10. Laminated and lacquered decorative panels

Some decorative panels that coat doors and other structures, are made from wood fibre boards covered with a melamine laminate, which is later lacquered using ultraviolet. They have a high-gloss finish, but can also be obtained in matte and super matte finishes. It is smooth to the touch and allows one to get creative and make dreamy designs of varied colors.

11. Chipboard

This Elm toned, bleached laminate is an agglomerate that is coated with melamine paper and used for flat doors.

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Which type of laminate will you choose for your kitchen? Respond in the comments.

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