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Match colour to suit your kid's personality!

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Classic style nursery/kids room by atelier—ZOU Classic
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Did you know that every color matches a different personality? Colours are composed of light vibrations, hence different colours match different personalities. In this idea guide, we are going to discuss how to match colour with your kid's personality. This way you can choose the colour of your child's room based on his or her personality. Let's browse through some of these ideas shall we? We hope you will be inspired by this idea guide. 


For the bright intellectual child, yellow is the ideal colour. Intellectual children require more visual stimulation compared to regular kids as they are more mentally active. Bright colours like yellow help to visually stimulate an intellectual child. This sunny, cheerful children's room is designed by Atelier-ZOU, architects based in Paris, France.

Orange—outgoing and optimistic

Wall Fashion Modern nursery/kids room by Quik Solution Modern
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Orange is the colour of joy and happiness. Children with an outgoing and optimistic personality match the vibrations of the colour orange. These children usually have a high energy level and feel comfortable around warm colours like orange.

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kids room Modern nursery/kids room by homify Modern

kids room


If your child has a calm temperament and a balanced personality, the colour green will match your child's personality the best. Green is a soothing colour which is calm in its nature. Children with a balanced personality are usually attracted to cool colours like green as they vibrate on a similar level and have the similar energy.


The colour pink matches a child with a loving personality as it is the colour of love and everything sweet. Although the colour pink is associated with girls, parents should not be so quick to put their children in these boxes we call gender roles. Life is not black and white, there are grey areas as well. A boy can sometimes be more loving than a girl and vice versa. Furthermore, if boys were not socialised to think that pink is for girls, they might actually like the colour pink. 


Creative types are usually attracted to the colour purple. Purple is a magical colour full of wonder and it has a creative energy to it. Children who are creative will feel inspired when they are around the colour purple. As pictured here, we can see that purple makes a lovely colour for the walls, and there are so many lovely shades of purple to choose from. 

White—pure and innocent

Children can be little devils, but amongst those devils are sometimes a few angels as well. If your child has a pure and innocent personality, the ideal color for your child is white. White actually reflects all the colours of the rainbow and is considered a pure colour. The colour white is often used by spiritual people and religious groups. We hope you enjoyed this idea guide. For more related inspiration and ideas, have a look at 6 tips for keeping a child's bedroom neat

How do you think your personality relates to your favorite color? Let us know in the comments section below.
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