8 ideas for using stone in modern bathrooms

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The most striking feature of modern bathrooms is that they convey luxury, even if they are built on a small budget. This is easily achievable due to the availability of a variety of materials, natural or synthetic, in an array of colors, textures and designs. Of course, they should not be used on a large scale unless the quality is worth the price, but they allow even the simplest house to have a luxury bathroom. Another element of the modernity of bathrooms is the accessories and the rapid pace at which the industry offers new and innovative designs. For example, legs were removed from toilets to make them more elegant, but now, the latest trend is suspended toilets. Earlier, all the walls of the bathroom were covered with the same tile, but that too has changed. 

Having a modern bathroom and enjoying its luxury is a positive and stimulating experience. So, don’t let your bathroom get outdated. Maybe you can make changes slowly, one at a time. Take note of these designs and get set to have your own unforgettable modern bathroom.

​1. A rustic bathroom with a modern feel and stone on one of its walls

Just coating one wall with stone, in this case a rectangular area that was previously dull, has given this bathroom a facelift. Against the wall, the frameless mirror with bevelled edges and the washbasin countertop that has a wide wooden worktop that extends from wall to wall bring a stylish look. Ready?! Enjoy a rustic bathroom with modern air.

2. Thin strips of natural stone tile cladding for a perfect finish on the bathroom wall

Natural stone cladding using thin tiles achieves a cleaner and better finish. These decorative cladding tiles are made from natural stone. They are very sturdy and come ready to install. Once installed, they cannot be distinguished from classic natural stone bricks, and create the perfect background for a modern bathtub – a setting that’s like having a bath in the mountains.

3. White, uneven stone for a warm and elegant effect

This sleek and elegant design is created by the interaction of warm materials that are resistant to moisture. It has wood on the ceiling beam and countertop. Patterned tiles are combined vertically and horizontally. All these add modern touches to an old toilet and shower. The focal point, which is the zone with the stone, is illuminated to highlight the area and add warmth.

4. A spacious and elegant bathroom with a tranquil air

A panoramic view of this large, professionally-designed bathroom shows how materials can be used to make a big impact – a thin cladding of stone in the color of smoke, iron sheets and other building materials such as unpolished cement. On the floor, there’s a deck under the bathtub, while river pebbles further add to the variety of materials. A large-format mirror in a rectangular shape spans the wall from one end to the other. Two matching sinks in a unique shape that resembles natural ceramic bathtubs add another eye-catching feature.

5. A coating with a natural look

The coating you see in this image is a product based on polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber. It results in textured panels with a stone-like appearance. They are distinguished and beautiful wall coatings. The effect can be used to replicate stone, as well as brick and slate. It is a current decorative trend not only for bathrooms but also for the living room and kitchen. It is practical and quick to install. For a modern material, this one is safe and timeless. It brings an extraordinary element to the room’s decor.

6. Polyurethane panels that you can paint to create contrast in the bathroom

The three-dimensional effect and texture in this bathroom are created by decorative panels, which are also easy to install. It is a light and resistant material that offers thermal and acoustic insulation. It is a good choice for renovating the bathroom decor. These panels are made from polyurethane, and they can be installed by drilling holes in both the wall as well as the panels and screwing them together, before filling with putty or professional paste and then sealing with a paint of the same color as the panels. They can also be painted to create contrast as you see in the picture.

7. Sober and functional with imitation marble

This sober and functional design, reinterprets the classic vintage to bring an avant-garde element through change of color as well as straight lines and well-defined angles. The sink has a vintage look that contrasts the modernity. The dark coating of the shower is achieved with imitation ceramic in a marble finish. We cannot ignore large format mirrors in modern bathrooms. It is a trend that allows the wall to be decorated, while simultaneously protecting it from moisture.

8. Subtly rustic bathroom in a very modern setting

Suspended toilet fittings correspond to a very modern bathroom. However, a fusion of styles always brings better results. The wall cladding looks like strips of rustic wood, but are better for protecting the wall from moisture, besides presenting a mix of shades. The important thing to note is that they cover only half of the area, creating a subtle rustic effect that makes the bathroom attractive.

For more ideas about using stone on your walls, see 13 ideas to add stone walls in your home.

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