19 Asian-inspired gardens to give you ideas

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Die Anwendung japanischer Gartenkunst bei der Gestaltung von Gärten, japan-garten-kultur japan-garten-kultur Asian style garden
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There are so many phenomenal garden styles to choose from, but one in particular is grabbing our attention right now—and that's Asian! 

Ask any professional gardener and they'll tell you that the zen styling that is most commonly associated with Asian gardens makes for a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space that will leave you feeling refreshed, revived and really enjoying your own slice of heaven. 

But what are the motifs that make for a truly stunning Asian-inspired garden? We're going to answer that question right now, so come with us and enjoy these fabulous spaces!

1. Check out these beautifully sculpted trees!

2. Swirling gravel is exceptionally pretty.

3. Flowing water features are so relaxing.

4. Bright white gravel is key!

5. Keep it natural, with rock installations.

6. Don't forget to add plenty of wood!

7. Bamboo always looks incredible.

8. Ponds should have some specialist flora and fauna!

9. A small bamboo water feature captures two motifs in one!

10. Spiritual sculptures will realign the space.

11. Vibrant blooms add all the colour you need.

12. Raked shingle is spectacular!

13. Colour and water together? WOW!

14. A pagoda offers gorgeous all-weather protection.

15. Black and red are key hues!

16. Imagine how relaxing it would be to maintain this shingle formation!

17. Add some nighttime potential too with piquant lighting.

18. Everything should have a contrast, like this green against the white shingle.

19. Mosaic tile motifs are great for courtyards.

If you think you could really get on board with the Asian garden aesthetic, take a look at this Ideabook next: Creating your own Japanese garden.

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