17 flooring ideas for your home's entrance and hallways

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Penthouse, Zurich Studio Frey Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home entrance or hallway, you have to consider two things; aesthetics and hardiness! Being such high-traffic areas, you can't be installing pretty but flimsy floor coverings—but don't start fretting that you need to invest in something that does the job but looks ugly as hell while it does! 

There are masses of awesome flooring options, as any interior designer will tell you, which can add to the gorgeous good looks of your home while still offering a lifetime of low-maintenance durability, so come with us now as we show you some of our favourites! 

1. For a hallway with impact, how about using marble tiles for your floor? Hard-wearing, luxurious and impossible to ignore, they'll be a lifetime investment!

2. White wood makes for beautiful hallways in a minimalist or monochrome home! Simple, timeless and easy to re-coat. What more could you want?

3. Carpet runners offer a little softness where you want it, but then still have a hard-wearing material underneath them! You can swap them out as often as you like too, so no commitment is necessary!

Hallway and Living room Gullaksen Architects Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs
Gullaksen Architects

Hallway and Living room

Gullaksen Architects

4. Smooth stone tiles give you the chic hallway you've always wanted and can be easily installed over underfloor heating, if you fancy a more luxurious touch!

5. Gloss white flooring adds that modern art gallery vibe to any home, but we think it is perfect for ultra contemporary buildings. You might even like to opt for a quartz variety, for some added glitz!

SUNSET STRIP RESIDENCE McClean Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
McClean Design


McClean Design

6. Coloured laminate is a great way to get the look of painted wood, with none of the effort! The newest varieties are so hard-wearing and easy to lay as well.

7. Polished concrete is an amazing way to add in a little industrial flavour to your home entrance, but it's shockingly pretty too, not to mention cost-effective!

The hallway and stairs at ​the Old Hall in Suffolk Nash Baker Architects Ltd Modern corridor, hallway & stairs Wood
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The hallway and stairs at ​the Old Hall in Suffolk

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

8. Natural laminate gives you the look of pale wood, but without any of that sanding and varnishing nonsense that we know you don't want to undertake.

Penthouse, Zurich Studio Frey Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Studio Frey

Penthouse, Zurich

Studio Frey

9. Dark laminate, as apposed to natural, gives the look and feel of a luxury hallway, without all that staining and expensive wood!

Beautiful Gallery Stairway Entrance homify Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs White

Beautiful Gallery Stairway Entrance


10. Slate tiles are cool, timeless and available in huge sizes, making for a quick, easy and durable hallway that will always look phenomenal.

11. If you have the time to spare, polished real wood flooring will always look amazing and add a natural warmth to your home like nothing else.

House in Chandlers Ford II LA Hally Architect Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

12. Natural wood is perfect for when you want real wood, but don't love the glossy or stained look. We will say that you need to commit to a lot of sanding though!

Edwardian style Cut String Stairs Buscott Woodworking Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs
Buscott Woodworking

Edwardian style Cut String Stairs

Buscott Woodworking

13. Straight out of heritage homes, checkerboard tiles are an incredible idea for any home entrance! Adding instant glamour and luxury, they are utterly amazing.

14. Quarry tiles are the only real choice for a rustic home hallway, don't you agree? Smooth yet undulating underfoot and in such beautiful natural colours, they make a definite statement.

Forty Farm Smarta Country style corridor, hallway& stairs

Forty Farm


15. Parquet is the ultimate in wood flooring options for you hallway! Decadent, specialist and timeless, whatever laying pattern you decide on, it will look phenomenal.

16. Large rugs are a good option for any hallway that simply doesn't want to make a big deal about the floor! Lay something neutral and the top with a vintage Persian rug, for serious wow-factor!

17. Mosaic tiles aren't just for bathroom walls you know! In an otherwise understated hallway, some fabulous floor tiles, in a myriad of patterns, can create something super special!

For even more floor inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 eye-opening floor transitions that are works of art.

Finding the Right Flooring Fit…

Figure out your style when considering hallway flooring ideas — this is best done through looking at ideabooks and considering what you like and dislike. Think about the material, texture, colour, and durability of the flooring you choose. 

You should also factor in how much the flooring will wear — do you have pets or children? You may want to avoid carpet in case of stains or odors. Wood can be a great option, and you can always put rugs on top to cushion your feet. Stone is also very durable. 

Consider the place in which you're installing new flooring. Hallway flooring might be less important than flooring in the kitchen, so you may want to spend less on flooring here. Professionals can help you decide where to invest.

Don't forget to be realistic about pricing — not all flooring is made equal! Some flooring like natural stones will be more pricey. Decide whether you're willing to invest a lot of money into your flooring at this time and do remember that spending more now could be a better investment in the long-term. 

Interested in a funky style like blue hallway floor tiles? Next up, we're talking more hallways and colour. 

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