10 ideas for using marble and granite for kitchen countertops

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Marble and granite are preferred materials for construction and decoration of homes. It’s ideal to use them in kitchens, bathroom, halls or wherever else you choose, thanks to their durability, strength and aesthetics. The first thing to do is to understand each of these materials. Marble is a compact metamorphic rock, which may have a crystalline texture or a specific colour depending on what goes into its composition. Granite is also a rock, dense and hard, but has different compounds such as quartz and mica.

Both these rocks are used for homes, although they are usually more expensive than other materials, as they are the most durable choice. At homify, we give you some ideas that can be useful if you want to utilize either of them for construction or decoration of your home.

​1. Choose the colour you like the most for your kitchen

The colour, pattern and design of granite vary according to its composition and the size of the crystals present in it. The colour is determined by the type of feldspar it contains, so one slab of granite won’t ever be the same as another.

2. Use it in the key areas of the kitchen

Granite and marble are quite expensive materials. You may have to pay more than Rs.150 per square foot for the raw material, so think about where it is essential, like on the island or counters. For the rest of the surfaces, you can use cheaper materials that contrast the granite.

3. An incomparable shine

Another advantage of these polished rocks is their shine. They have a natural finish in which the original tones stand out. In some cases, the grains are more noticeable and gleam when light shines on the surface.

4. Ideal for maintaining hygiene

Granite is a material with almost no porosity, which guarantees that we can use the surface for preparing food without any worries.

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5. Unmatched durability

Marble has a soft appearance, but retains incredible strength and durability. It can remain intact without scratching or breaking for many years, even if it is subjected to high temperatures. In the event of a fire at home, marble won’t burn or be damaged.

6. Granite is ecological

Not only is it beautiful and durable, it is also an ecological material that is made with due respect given to the procedures of extraction and manipulation to avoid damage to the environment. Since it is a natural rock, it is not treated with chemicals, so there is no synthetic waste.

7. No specific maintenance required

Some building materials require special treatment for their preservation, but this is not the case with granite or marble. Both are super-resistant, durable, hygienic and very easy to clean.

8. Stylish

The natural shine of granite and marble brings a look of sophistication, adding style to the kitchen, especially when it is contrasted with other materials.

9. Beautiful textures

While the grain and colour of these stones vary, if you choose one that has beautiful grains, it can look elegant and provide textural relief to the kitchen.

​10. Suitable for any style

The best part is that both marble and granite are versatile materials that can blend with any design theme, whether it’s modern or classic.

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