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Create a beautiful and cosy reading corner!

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Everyone cannot afford a full-fledged study room. Only a few lucky ones that are blessed with opulent space can have this feature. But for others, is there a way to have at least a small reading corner in the house? Yes, there is. For people who are less fortunate with space, we bring to you an ideabook that can help you create a small and cosy reading corner in your existing home. This will not only  give you a glimpse of the huge and ornate study rooms, but will provide the same functionality in a small space. You may create this cosy study either in your bedroom or living room or may be in the attic area. Have a look at the ideas below and get inspired!

Comfortable seating

The seating plays an important part in home décor. It does not always mean a huge and lavish couch; sometimes even a single chair can make a huge difference in the seating area. To add cosiness, go for soothing colours and comfortable fabrics. Leather chairs, cotton cushions and even Indian inspired cushions can add a lot of warmth in the area. The chair should be such that it helps you maintain a simple and straight posture. Moreover, it should not make you realise the hours spent in the room, thereby, making you work or read for long hours at a stretch. The seating can further be customised by the addition of thongs and cushions. For a perfect country style reading corner, you might even include cane or bamboo chairs to impart a pure organic effect.

A pullback shelf

Shelves are again one of the most important features of the study room or home office. Bookshelves are needed even in a small and cosy reading corner. Use of small sizes of shelves may help you to place and organise your favourite collection in an organised manner. In case the corner is too small for a full-fledged bookshelf you might go in for foldable shelves that are highly functional yet fitting.  You might as well go with new and crazy patterns of bookshelves that help to make the corner more cosy and contemporary at the same time. A pullback bookshelf is a cool idea that saves a lot of space and also makes a trendy storage accessory. You might recycle few older wooden shelves to make a new and advanced shelf. This can be painted and embellished according to the existing décor and colour combination.

A table

Needless to say, a table is the work station of a person. It is highly imperative both while reading and while working. One may choose the size of the table according to the utility. In case your study area will be used only for reading a book or two or for signing checks, you may use a small table that just fits in the size. But in case, your table is used as a laptop table, you might want to make use of a bigger size that will help to give you a comfortable posture and stance.  The table should never be cramped or cluttered, therefore try going for a slightly bigger size that may incorporate a nice lamp, some planters by the side and even some charging ports for added convenience. Another factor while choosing the table is the make and material. Go according to the décor of the room. In case you have a country style home, a wooden table would be a great fit. On the contrary, if you have cosy white interiors, a plain white platform will be best suited for this case.

The right lighting

The right lighting is highly imperative in a study area or office. This feature not only lets you study or work in peace, but also is soothing for the eyes. The eyes undergo a lot of pressure while reading or working on the laptop. Therefore, the lighting should be such that you do not exert them anymore. Installation of a cosy table lamp will help you in effective reading and efficient working. You might also include effective room lighting that gives uniform lighting throughout the room. Try using efficient statement lights or smart mini chandeliers that might also act as a demarcation for the study corner. Use of natural light is also important in every room. Install glass windows to let capture maximum natural light that brings along additional warmth and cosiness. You may choose the study corner just next to the room window. The study design shown in the picture above has been designed by Idea interiors, furniture and accessories professionals from Mexico.  

Soft textiles

Soft textiles are needed to not only maximise your comfort, but also to make a wonderful room accessory that will add a charming effect to this cosy study area. These textiles can be included in the form of rugs or area carpets for the floor or soft thongs for your sofa set or minimalistic armchair. Textiles can also be included as wall décor items and will surely make the room cosier with their soft touch and warm stance. You may also use a soft cushion and cushion cover that is bright yet soothing to the eye. Use of soft fabric for curtain design also lends the corner a cosy feel. Try using lightly toned transparent curtains for further enhancing this effect. Also, you may incorporate cotton or wool fabric to add more cosiness and warmth to this area.


Accessories play a major role in any room décor. They are the make or break feature of room decoration that can help you give a unique touch to your room. Even in study areas, small and colourful accessories can make this room more welcoming and inviting. Just because this study is built in a small corner does not mean it cannot be decorated. Try using wall hangings, wall stickers, wall tattoos to make optimum use of wall space. You might also use trendy colours of lampshades and colourful but soothing lighting for an added effect. Use of smart and bright table accents also help you accessorise the place in a neat and organised manner. Try using colourful rugs, figurines and trendy desk organisers for a spectacular effect.

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