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6 Themes and concepts to apply in your house

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Decorating a home requires a lot of thought and if it is made according to a certain theme it will be easier to redecorate when you want to change the theme at a later date. While people follow either a single colour scheme or furniture design style to give their homes a particular theme like colonial, rustic or retro with other décor items. Themed homes need not always be an expensive affair, if homeowners have a clear plan about the look that they want to achieve in every room with colors, furnishings and furniture.  Though wall paint and flooring play a major role in deciding the theme of a house’s interiors, decorative items, window treatments and other décor also create a huge impact and can influence the theme of a house. While fairy tale and cartoon movie themes for children’s nurseries are common people can easily incorporate themes like vintage and country with plaid cushions and rustic furnishings.

Pick your favorite colour

Thought magenta looks bright and harsh to many, it is the colour of universal harmony and represents caring, sharing and emotional balance. The decorator has used this colour in the bedroom to bring peaceful and harmonious sleep to the young teen that owns this room. As the room is tiny and rectangular the ordinary colours would make it look even smaller so bright neon like tone enhances its angles and layout. The large magenta poster in headrest area with black outline enhances the white bedspread in partnership with lighter magenta coverlet.

The walls, door and window are in black to provide a stable background to the bright magenta roof and floor which give a nightclub like atmosphere to the room. Even the small study alcove in the corner has been wall papered in magenta with monochrome designs to retain the color symmetry. Small colorful floating shelves on the wall appear like colorful pieces of a puzzle against the wall background.

Pick your favorite movie and decorate accordingly

Love animation movies? Then decorating your house according to a movie theme is a great idea to give it a unique twist. This poster on the nursery wall from the movie Frozen had a blue and white theme and the furniture and décor also follow the same color palette. Sometimes following a famous animation movie theme makes it easier to plan a room as then all you have to do is follow the same furniture patterns, designs and colors that were used in the movie.

Children relate much more closely with issues like friendship and family values as for them world is still black and white without any greys mixed in. In this beautiful nursery one wall has been entirely covered with a poster of the central characters while the décor all around is in white with a small blue mat. The furniture is in classic style keeping up with the timing of the movie about ancient times of princesses and palaces.

Pick your favorite city—New York

Designing a room according to particular nation or its capital is also a common theme nowadays to give an upmarket flair to the property. The facade of vibrant city of New York is a beautiful theme with modern skyscrapers in grey and white with rosy orange hue of sun rising in the sky. For a moment an onlooker could mistake the realistic wall paper with a picture window as the design looks absolutely mesmerising.  

The modern style decor of the living room has a light grey color palette and wooden flooring in keeping with city theme. As a modern city of skyscrapers with multi storied buildings built with steel and glass New York has stood firmly across several decades and the twin steel sculptures next to the wall stand as symbols of the strong city.  In keeping with stark and simple theme of New York the living room furniture comprises of simple low glass table based on steel frame and single low sofa in grey.

Pick a concept: chill

Every home should have a relaxation zone where all members can chill out the way they like without worrying about furniture or behavior. While for most people the best place to chill out is their bedroom where no one is likely to disturb or drop in without invitation. When a family wants chill out then the ideal place is a garden or study where adults can sit down and talk without children dropping into the area.  During winter an indoor chill out area is the best option and owners here have created one in the loft area be clearing out the junk and converting an entire wall into home library.

For an ideal chill out atmosphere the entire rear wall has been spray painted with graffiti while wooden shelves with family’s collection of books cover one wall. Wide grey sofa with comfortable cushions takes up one corner of the room that are conducive to lazing around with a book or just sitting together and chatting up.

Pick your favorite character

If only children were fans of superhero characters like batman, Spiderman, superman their sequels would never have become a hit. Neera's Design Studio here has put all the favorite cartoon characters of the teenage occupant of this bedroom to keep him company along with miniature replicas of the characters.

As all the fictional cartoon characters are in primary colours of blue, red, yellow, black the primary color palette of the room is grey to bring out the bright shades. The roof with shaded ceiling has got tiny hidden lights that glow like stars against the grey roof. Bed linen, curtains and carpet are all in grey to provide a striking contrast to the bright blue study table against the wall.

Natural environment: sea

Most holiday freaks that visit seaside resorts for summer always wish that they could carry home some of the beautiful white surf and cool tones of sea and white sand home with them. Scuba diving lovers try their best to retain the fascinating world of undersea creatures around them by having aquariums around their house. But what if you could have the sparkling white undersea atmosphere within your bedroom? The white bedroom has been decorated with a sea theme and the double ceiling has hidden lights that remind one of sunlight shining through water surface when swimming underwater.

The only colour in this room is provided by long poster on the wall of undersea fishes swimming within sea weeds. Pristine white bed-sheets and pillow covers have amusing prints of crustaceans, sea shells and other sea creatures in grey. Walk in closets with sliding doors are built into the wall that leave wide circumference to walk around the steel grey bed with wooden bedside cabinets.

For more color and design themes ranging from simplistic to lavish do refer to this colorfulideabook.

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