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15 pictures of kitchens in Indian homes

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A lot of designing goes into building the perfect kitchen for your home. With more and more modern appliances and counter layouts being available each day it can be tough to choose the one that best compliments your home. To help you figure out how you can beautify the space here are 15 pictures of kitchens in Indian homes that you can use as a reference.

1. G-shaped counters

For those of you who are looking to convert a large size room into a kitchen opting for a G-shaped counter, layout is a must. This is the best way to cover all the space available without making the kitchen look cramped.

2. Ceiling storage

As seen in the picture incorporating ceiling storage in your kitchen can also be a great way to utilise the available space. Along with this, it is also an ideal way to store utility items that you rarely use out of sight.

3. L-shaped counter

If you are looking to cover an elongated corner in your kitchen then opting for a similar L-shaped counter can be the perfect solution. This will not only provide you with enough counter space but will also give you the same amount of storage beneath.

4. Black and white kitchen

One of the all time classic combinations for kitchens is this black and white counter setting. By combining these two colours together, you will be able to create a kitchen which not only looks beautiful but also compliments the rest of the house without overpowering the decor.

5. Red and white kitchen

Another great way to make your kitchen look beautiful is by incorporating colour. By combining a bright and a neutral colour together, you can achieve a unique look like seen in this picture.

6. Glass cabinets

If you want a kitchen that looks modern than adding glass cabinets is also a great choice. Along with this, you can also include false ceilings or backlights to make the space look well lit and unique.

7. long and narrow kitchen

For those of you looking to create a kitchen in a long and narrow space opting for a similar layout can be worth a shot. The designer for this kitchen has placed the counter on one wall and the storage on the other so that there is enough walking space in between.

8. Corner layout

If you want your kitchen to feel open and airy than considering this corner layout is highly advised. By doing so, you will be able to keep the other two walls free so that your appliances and other gadgets can be setup properly.

9. Parallel counters

Another great design for narrow spaces is this parallel counter setting. If you require more preparation area than usual then placing your counters on the opposite walls can be an excellent idea.

10 Single-wall counter

If you do not need a large kitchen for your home, then you must consider this single-wall counter setting. This will not only save floor area for the rest of the rooms but will also make your kitchen look well planned.

11. Wooden cabinets

If you want a grand looking kitchen for your home then opting for wood as the construction material is highly recommended. By incorporating wooden cabinets and counters, you will also be able to have a kitchen that requires low maintenance.

12. Customised counter layout

Customising your kitchen counters is also something that you can try if you want to experiment. The designer for this kitchen has used a perpendicular layout which divides the kitchen into two sections with the help of the jutting out stove.

13. Dual ceiling cabinets

One of the best ways to increase your storage space is by including dual sets of cabinets. As seen in this picture the designer has installed double cabinets on top of one another so that the vertical space can be fully utilised.

14. Kitchen island

Adding an island to your kitchen can also be an excellent way to maximise your counter space. This will also give you enough preparation area in case you love hosting parties at your home.

15. White counters

If you are searching for a simple kitchen design that also looks clean then opting for white counters and cabinets is a must. This is also a good way to have a low-key kitchen which blends well with the rest of the house.

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