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Selection of potted flowering plants based on one's character

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Picking the right flower is key to peace at home because a blooming plants brings joy and hints of colour to the room they are in. Every plant requires its own specific type of care, some are very easy to care for and some demand a lot of attention, others thrive in the sun and others prefer more shade. Every flowering plant has a personality that can accomodate every types of characters of people. Here are a few ideas to flowers in the home.

Flowers for the meticuluous ones

For those who are meticulous and pay attention to detail, the stunning potted rose plant is the ideal candidate. Roses have always had a bad reputation for being finicky, but all they need is daily tender love and care. The end result provides delightful rose flowers. This classic flowering plant requires a great amount of sun, it should be taken on by those who can prune the flowers and twigs that are starting to wither as well as water the soil often without drawing the plant.

Flowers for optimistic ones

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Summer Calla Lily Plant

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Here is the image of a lovely calla lily . These plants are a reminder of the summer with all the sun and joy it brings. Having a potted calla lily in your home will add a hint of rose or white to the room. Caring for these plants requires not too much attention: they prefer a location in full sun in colder climates or partial shade in warmer climates. Also, they need a moist and fertilised soil that should be water weekly at the very least. This inspiration has been made possible by Appleyard London.

Flowers for the melancholic ones

A mesmerising type of flowering plant is the fuchsia, as shown in this picture. These plants could fit well with the melancholic personality types with their drooping delicate flowers that come in a multitude of different shades. There is much beauty that stems from this graceful looking flower. The fuchsia plant requires to be watered often and have adequate drainage to avoid the rotting of the roots. They also need to be frequently fertilised (every two weeks) and placed in a spot that gets sufficient sunlight. 

Flowers for independent ones

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Pink Double Orchid Plant

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This image is of a delicate and beautiful orchid plant. One might think that orchids are hard to take care of or even to keep alive: that couldn't be further from the truth. Orchids are ideal for those on the go, the independent ones that don't necessarily remember to water plants or prune them. The orchid thrives when it is forgotten: it needs to be watered only once or twice a month and to be kept in a spot that gets a few hours of sun.

Flowers for cheerful ones

The jolly sunflower has always been a symbol of merriment, that is why this type of flowering plant is perfect for cheerful ones. This plant has been named after the sun and rightfully so since they brighten and bring sunshine in any room they stand in. To care for a potted sunflower plant, one must place the plant where it will get at least 6 hours of sunlight, one should avoid getting water on the leaves and the soil has to remain moist but not soggy.

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