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A Contemporary Designed Villa For Mr.Afsar at Lanco Hills By VAID Architects, Vasantha Architects and Interior Designers (VAID) Vasantha Architects and Interior Designers (VAID)
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The main theme behind this house is harmonising the built with nature. The designers at Archana Shah & Associates have chosen a beautiful theme that brings colour and brightness inside a mutely coloured house. This design has opened up spaces that seamlessly combine the interiors with the exteriors. The main focus in this design is the sense of spaciousness offered by a contemporary layout. Let’s introduce you to this house that inspires you with smart and innovate methods to add colour and Indian style in the house.

Stylish living

The living room exudes the perfect stylish stance by the incorporation of new and contemporary sensibilities. A sassy chandelier is installed in the centre of the false ceiling. This place looks nothing less than a five star hotel. Also, the suspended seating is designed in line with the black accents of the room to create a mesmerising aura. The swanky coffee table and the dividing stonewall further make this place an absolute architectural wonder.

Colourful dining

The dining room of this house is given a colourful stance with the huge opening that basically connects the interiors with the exteriors. This room looks utterly classy with the inclusion of false ceiling lights that shower their glow in the entire area. The dining table is the centrepiece and is an attractive combination of glass and wood that is further enhanced by the use of smart and colourful chairs. Located just besides the kitchen, it makes you experience the hot and sumptuous food with a scenic view of the patio.

Patio with a sunny touch

The patio area is the one that is most impressive and highly elegant. The main wall is coloured in deep blue that is accentuated using colourful and classy accents. The twin shower feature helps to maintain subtle and unique coolness in the zone. Further more, life and cheer is added by the use of artificial leaves that make a subtle accent on the textured wall. The tropical watering can gives a nice refreshing difference from the usual metallic design and makes the perfect counterpart of the garden area.

Kid’s study space

The designers have paid major emphasis on the kid’s room. They have crafted a highly impressive and unique study area that certainly beckons kids to share a read or two. This study area is further blessed with effective lighting from all sides. To hold the kid’s attention, this place is embellished with trendy collectibles and crazy designs that make the child spend a valuable time in this study zone.

Colour me blue!

The basic theme of the bedroom is white and blue. In accordance with the study area, the repose has been designed in such a way that it imparts a joyous and modern feel to the room. The inclusion of bunk bed basically brings the two kids closer yet allows them to share some privacy in this unique way. The colourful bed linen plays an imperative part in this décor and further enhances the beauty of the space. The storage cabinets are also designed as per the theme and accentuated by posters and pictures.

Another view

The other angle of the study space is equally beautiful as the first one. This particular table has a long platform that basically acts as a cool working station for the kids. A swanky storage is created on both the sides with the help of exposed shelves that are made up of glass and wood.  This area is highlighted by the use of smart and educative collectibles like Atlas, globe etc. Looking for some simple tips to enhance the overall look of your home? This ideabook will help for sure : How to beautify your home : simple guide 

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